Bob Porri

Bob Porri


Bob and Jan Porri are a husband and wife Country/Rock/Pop midi duo, covering Current and Classic music. A popular local guitar teacher, Bob also writes and records original music ranging from Guitar Oriented Rock to Alternative, Blues, Pop, Country, Electronic, and Romantic.


Bob Porri has been playing guitar since the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. Immediately hooked on the instrument, he has become a style chameleon of guitar. Influened by many Classic Rock and Blues guitarists through the years, Bob's background also includes Classical Guitar training and a Music Education degree. He is also a Slide Guitar and Pedal Steel Guitarist. He incorporates a wide variety of guitar styles in his original music and performances.

Jan Porri has been performing and recording with Bob for many years. She is a singer with a comfortable listening style when appropriate and can also pull out the stops and really Rock out.


This Isn't Easy

Written By: Bob Porri

Goodbye my love,
I'll miss you forever,
this isn't easy.

I have to go,
where I know you won't find me,
this isn't easy, for me.

(instrumental interlude)

The pains too real,
and I'm so tired of fighting,
this isn't easy.

We can't be friends,
the story is over,
but this isn't easy, for me.

(instrumental to end)


Bob Porri released a CD of original music entitled "Brass Tactics". Songs from the CD have been included on compilation CD's in the United States and New Zealand. One of the songs was included on Hartford based WCCC's Connecticut's 10 Best compilation.

Set List

A typical Country Set with a bit of Rock/Pop would be as follows.

Before He Cheats
It Must Be Love
I Fall To Pieces
Suds in the Bucket
I Just Wanna be Mad
455 Rocket
I Feel Lucky
Wonderful Tonight
Girls Lie Too
Sweet Dreams

An original or two could get performed if appropriate.

Sets can be 45 to 60 minutes long. We would typically perform 1 to 4 sets as needed. We particulary enjoy gigs where we can hand pick one or two "killer" sets but can comfortably perform 3 or 4 sets as needed.