Bob Remstein

Bob Remstein


Bob Remstein is a singer/songwriter who works styles from alt-rock to jazz, R&B, and classical into his music. His lyrics touch on humor and heartbreak, and occasionally answer your burning questions about the mixed-up world around us.

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Lullabye of the States

Written By: Bob Remstein

If the world had only a hundred people
Everyone could have their own country
No one would ever fight about the details
You don't care when you live so far away.

I would take New Jersey
It would be so great
If you and I could live there, working in the garden
Yes, I would take New Jersey
'Cause it would be so great
If you and I could live there, working in the garden, in the Garden State.

If the world had only a dozen people
Everyone would occupy two time zones
No one would have to make it down to work on time
We would either be early or much too late.

But I'd live on the border
And you'd appreciate
Every night when day was done, I'd rock us both to sleep
Yes, we'd live on the border
'Cause you'd appreciate
Every night at midnight, we would rock from side to side and change the date.

If the world had just six billion people
We could all develop own notions
Think of thoughts to puzzle scholars and make fun of kings
Some things they weren't meant to understand

And I would entertain you
You'd reciprocate
Both of us together, working in the garden
A roof to keep the rain out
Some food upon our plate
Put your hand in my hand, and let's live the life, the life that we'll create.
The life that we'll create
The life that we create.

Brush With Greatness

Written By: Bob Remstein

She was a pop tart
She scored a bit part
And after 37 takes, she was a star.
Even a sinner
Who's getting thinner
Must eat some dinner some time, let's wait by the car!

Come autograph your photograph
(You'll sell it to the world)
I don't care how you made your name
Excuse me if I blush
I need another brush with greatness

He hit the jump shot
They hit the jackpot
Some said he took three steps, but no one's counting now.
He beats his mistress
But that's his business
'Cause when you win the big ones, anything's allowed.

Come autograph your photograph
(You'll sell it to the world)
I have no fame to call my own
You know I'm not above
A cheap shot for the love of greatness.

Under the hat is
That singer Gladys
Which means the other three have got to be The Pips (whoo, hoo, hoo)
I got a good look
Quick, get the checkbook!
I hear some stars'll even sign deposit slips.

I'll photograph your autograph
And sell it to the world
I have no fame (you have no shame)
I really don't ask much
Just another touch of greatness.

He took a blowtorch
To grandma's front porch
And though she lived to tell the tale, she didn't last.
He charmed the nation
And got probation
My God, he's coming this way, snap that picture fast!

Come autograph your photograph
I'll sell it to the world
I don't care how you made your name
Excuse me if I gush
I need another brush with greatness.

Guess Who's Comin' Tonight?

Written By: Bob Remstein and Rebecca Varon

When the air gets chilly, ev'ry Jack and Jillie
start to pull their covers up tight.
They try to spy with just one eye,
to see who's comin' tonight.

When the sleighbells ring it only means one thing,
he's on his way through snowflakes of white.
Visiting each and ev'ry home,
guess who's comin' tonight!

With their dancing hoofs up upon the roof,
reindeer dash from the sky.
And a heavy stack of goodies on his back
makes the dear old fellow sigh (oh my!).

And though the light is dim, he squeezes down the "chim,"
bringing presents sure to delight.
He's the jolly old man in a red red suit.
Guess Who's Comin' tonight!


He puts down his sack, looking for a snack,
under the xmas tree.
When by chance he spies cookies, cakes and pies,
it fills his heart with glee (oowhee!).

And when at last it's time to make his upward climb,
he gazes out at the stars so bright,
then off and away, riding on his sleigh.
Guess who's comin'?
(Guess who's comin')
Pa-rum-pa-tum tummin'
(Pa-rum-pa-tum tummin')
Guess who's comin' tonight!


To date, Bob is known best for the CDs he has recorded with various groups: two as a member of the Bacharach-inluenced retro-lounge band Mello Cads (Soft as a Rock, and Gentle Explosion, which he co-produced), the lounge/electronica group Supercasanova (Eternity Now!, In a Space, and Music to Shop By), and the classic big-band, Legends of Swing (One Kettle For Count).

Set List

Bob's sets are usually about 45 minutes, although he can do sets twice that length, given the opportunity...
A typical set might include the following originals:
"When Will I Be Amazed?"
"Brush With Greatness"
"Sleepy Day"
"Facebook Friend"
"Live in a Vacuum"
"Lullabye of the States"
"My Own Channel"
"Brand New Day"
"Taking a Snooze"
"Hard Currency (Penny at a Time)"
plus covers such as:
"Let's Go Out Tonight" (The Blue Nile)
"Linden Arden Stole the Highlights" (Van Morrison)
plus songs by Prefab Sprout, U2, Helen Reddy, Burt Bacharach, Mello Cads, and whatever pops into his head before the gig.