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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
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Ridiculously catchy hooks, memorable lyrics, a sense of fun and wild abandonment: All are key to making great music. Professionalism and an appealing image can't hurt either. Vancouver-based Bobs & Lolo meet all these criteria, with a wee twist thrown in.

This group is out to grab the ears of those who don't belong to indie-rockin' hipsters. Their fans are more into hip-Huggies or just out of training pants.

Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (Lolo) are children's performers. These two 29-year-old educators also just might be the next big thing to come out of the Canadian indie-music scene.

On the new DVD, On Your Feet (preview at MySpace), the dynamic duo appears in matching yoga fashions dancing, singing, playing and delivering songs full of messages about the environment, fitness, education, imagination and -- a personal fave of this reviewer -- the "Born to Be Wild" of the toddler-to-age-10 set, "My Bike." Unlike many musicians who wind up in the kid's arena, this pair never wanted to perform anywhere else.

"We met back in Nanaimo when we were eight and were always involved in things to do with kids," says Pond. "We are most certainly not failed rock-star wannabes."

"This all kind of evolved out of a conversation about using music to educate and teach," says Hardy. "So we wrote a song called 'See a Sea Lion' and then came 'I Wish I Was a Jellyfish' and others to eventually become our first album, 2004's Sea Notes."

The second album, 2006's Musical Adventures, earned the band a nomination at the 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards for Outstanding Children's Recording of the Year. The new DVD seems a likely candidate to win in 2008.

How is it that these two are able to spin such positive and valuable messages into songs catchy enough for parents to groove on?

"Robyn has a linguistics degree and taught in the public-education systen," says Pond. "I'm a kinesiology major who did five years of professional interpretive delivery."

"Between the two of us, we have movement, message and all, nailed down," says Hardy. "Music comes from years of piano with the same teacher as kids, the school choir and an a cappella ensemble. It was always around."

"Our early performances were five songs in front of friends, or at parties, or anywhere anyone would let us play," says Pond. The reception was good and the Vancouver Aquarium gave them their first steady show, launching their career.

Now it's their life. Last year, the two turned to music full time, setting up as a small business. It was a good year, with more than 250 gigs taking them from B.C. to festivals in P.E.I. and elsewhere across Canada. In December alone they have 50 shows.

"Our ultimate goal is to keep building it up into something bigger and better, like you would with any small business," says Pond. "And now it is starting to get to the point that we're getting shows at the larger festivals and on mainstage. We keep putting more and more money back into the props and the show production."

"OK, I admit, we're the two adults without kids at the back of the Wiggles concert," says Hardy. "It's a great place to begin developing ideas that we can use to take this to the next level."

Presently, the duo is making music so fresh and free of the trappings of major-label corporate excess that it's kind of like the Radiohead of kids' groups. While its core audience will always be growing out of the music they make, much of the material is so strong it just might become cult listening for college kids, too. If they can grow Bobs & Lolo into that kind of brand, the bikes they'll be riding will be mighty fine indeed.

- The Vancouver Province - Stuart Derdeyn

If high school nicknames are any indication of what a person might be when they "grow up" then Robyn Hardy and Lorraine Pond were destined to become children's entertainers.

The scarlet-haired Hardy and mop-topped Pond never planned on entering the high flying world of children's entertainment (who does?), but when you've been dubbed Bobs and Lolo, well, what choice have you got? (Circus performers might have also worked.)

For the last five years, Bobs and Lolo have been rising through the ranks of children's entertainment, performing hundreds of shows a year for the toddler set while earning the respect of parents and educators. (They have a number of shows planned this month, including morning dates at Canada Place until Dec. 13.) They earned the 2007 Parents' Choice Music Award for their "green-themed" music that also combines messages of a healthy, active lifestyle. (Song titles include "Skip, Jump and a Hop," "Shake It Up" and "My Bike.") Their goal is to help kids connect to nature and to encourage them to care about the planet and themselves.

It's a growing trend in children's entertainment if the current crop of TV shows on channels like CBC and the Knowledge Network are any indication. An increasing number of cartoons now incorporate activities to get kids off the couch and move their bodies and to think about the environment.

But what do their toughest critics say? Planet, shmanet--just play that song again, please mummy. At least that's what my almost three-year-old demands when listening to the boppy and infectious On Your Feet, a DVD of 10 music videos from the duo's debut album Sea Notes and their sophomore effort Musical Adventures. (My little girl's initial reaction to the DVD was to "turn it off"--competition from Kids CBC was tough--but after a second try a day later, On Your Feet has been getting a regular workout on the DVD player, the songs "Cindy Seahorse," "Ocean Blue" and "Raindrop Pop" in particular.)

The verging-on-30 Vancouver Island natives, who now make Vancouver their home, first met as eight-year-olds in Girl Guides. They parted ways and reconnected in high school where they discovered their shared passion for singing, the environment and working with kids. Thoughts of being the next Charlotte Diamond, Fred Penner or Raffi were still years away, but their academic backgrounds helped provide a solid basis for their current careers. Hardy became an elementary school teacher and Pond earned a degree in human kinetics before spending five years as an environmental educator at the Vancouver Aquarium.

While still working their regular jobs, the two began tossing around the idea of performing for children.

"'Wouldn't it be fun to write kids music?' we thought, and then we began playing for whoever would listen, like free events at the aquarium," says Pond, who's recently returned from some tour dates in Ontario. "The feedback was very positive so we released a CD about a year after that. It was important for us to have a CD because it's a tangible product that would help us get taken seriously as children's entertainers."

And so it has.

Since the release of Sea Notes three years ago, their careers have taken off with sold-out shows, which they like to describe as a low-impact aerobics workout for themselves and the kids, and selling 6,000 CDs.

"That's almost unheard of for an independent release," Pond points out.

Watch out Penner, Diamond and Raffi.

Speaking of Penner, the duo opened for the legendary Canadian children's entertainer this summer, and, according to the duo, there are no divas or big egos in the children's entertainment biz. Or even a hint of cynicism.

"Everyone is very supportive," says an effusive Pond. "It was particularly exciting for us to open for Fred because that's who we listened to when we were growing up... We love what we're doing too much to be cynical."

Like Penner, Bobs and Lolo are hoping to expand into television and reach a more global audience with a TV show. "The message we bring is to connect kids with the natural world, which is a universal message," says Pond. "We like to refer to ourselves as edutainers."

For now, Bobs and Lolo are hard at work performing--52 shows scheduled this month alone. When asked what they enjoy most about working together, Hardy says, "Working with my best friend."


For more information, visit or call 778-329-8644 for performance times.

- Vancouver Courier - Fiona Hughes

While we don’t encourage television watching for babies and toddlers, we know that sometimes a DVD can come in handy. Before this Babyvibe momma had kids, I swore that they were never going to watch any TV. But when the first child arrived, I found that a show or a DVD every now and then wasn’t so bad. Fast forward to the second child, and I have to admit, educational DVDs have been a saving grace. We have the vibe on a few great DVDs that will be a welcome addition to any multi-media library, and would make for great stocking stuffers too.

Bobs & Lolo

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Bobs & Lolo. The singing duo from BC spreads a great environmental message. Through their music, they engage, inspire and educate, teaching kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. Now, the two singers have just released a DVD that will undoubtedly be a hit with any baby, toddler, child, or adult in your home. Their DVD, On Your Feet, was recently introduced to Babyvibe product testers Marley, 2 1/2, and Kaylee, 8 months, and it was an immediate winner. Marley was dancing along with Bobs & Lolo (or Robyn and Lorraine) and Kaylee was bopping up and down, waving her arms, and screaming with glee. This Babyvibe momma was impressed with DVD production quality, the graphics, which aren’t too flashy or over-stimulating, and the songs are all uplifting. Bottom line: this DVD is fun and educational. For more details visit


To view clip, please visit: - Global TV

Jennifer Saltman, Coquitlam NOW
Published: Friday, April 11, 2008

Attention parents: This is not your typical kids' show. Those attending Sunday's Festival of the Arts show featuring entertainers Bobs & Lolo will not hear the usual syrupy sweet tunes that make most parents want to hide children's albums after a couple of plays.

Instead, the pair's folksy, peppy tunes are intended to engage, inspire and educate, teaching kids age eight and under to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet.

"In the world of conservation education, there are a lot of negative messages out there," says Lolo, a.k.a. Lorraine Pond. "We're just trying to teach them to care. In our world, conservation equals caring."

Bobs (Robyn Hardy) adds that kids are taught mainly about the natural world and ocean animals: "It's like conservation education for four feet and under."

Music, storytelling, puppetry, dancing, make-believe and questions and answers get children out of their seats and involved in the show.

"We definitely work it out so we can get the kids out of their seats and moving," Lolo says. "It's very much a show not just about Bobs and Lolo, it's about the audience and getting them involved."

Bobs concurs, "It's all about involvement."

Bobs has a background in teaching and linguistics, and Lolo is an environmental educator and kinesiology major. A year and a half ago the two women quit their "real-world" jobs to entertain and educate children full time.

"It's a dream job," Lolo says. "It wasn't in the plan when we met with our career counsellors in high school, but we don't want to do anything else now."

The pair does regular performances at schools, children's festivals and community events, and is a hit with both the young and the young at heart.

In 2007 Bobs and Lolo logged countless kilometres travelling to more than 250 shows. The schedule is busy, but the women love performing.

"We're willing to put in the work and we love it," says Lolo.

Bobs says it's the children that really make their job enjoyable.

"It's fun watching the kids react to the music," she says. "Parents love it too -- they're watching their kids and taking the pictures."

"They are hilarious," Lolo adds. "They are so spontaneous and they say the funniest things. We're almost as entertained by the audience (as they are by us)."

Lolo says they've heard good things from parents.

"The feedback we've received from a lot of parents is our music is very listener friendly to adults," Lolo says. "We write music that doesn't compromise the integrity of the music itself. That also probably adds to the value for parents as well."

CDs, DVDs and T-shirts will be available, and Bobs and Lolo will be around after the show to meet the audience members.

- The Coquitlam Now

Bobs and Lolo bring music, movement and make-believe to the festival

By Reporter Jennifer Miller

If you take your kids to the Pemberton Festival this weekend they could learn about recycling and gardening, take an imaginary bicycle adventure and sing along to a song that will have them floating like jellyfish — all in one interactive show.

Children’s entertainers Bobs and Lolo are set to perform their mix of music, movement and make-believe as part of the festival’s Kidzone, a place for family fun at the festival. Robyn Hardy (a.k.a. Bobs) said the performances will have kids dancing, singing and clamouring for stickers, tattoos and “otter-graphs” after the show.

“We do interactive shows,” she said. “The kids are just up on their feet, dancing along and singing.”

Whether it’s a song about wearing sunscreen, loving bugs or protecting sea turtles, Bobs and Lolo (Lorraine Pond) aim to connect kids with the natural world and teach them to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. In addition to an upbeat mix of jazz, rock, blues and pop, the dynamic duo incorporates singing, dancing, puppetry and bubbles into the show, Hardy said.

Imagination plays a big role in the Bobs and Lolo experience, with kids invited to dance with their shadows even if it’s not a sunny day or pretend to put on their bike helmet and take an adventure. The audience members are encouraged to share their imaginary journeys with Bobs and Lolo after the show, Hardy said.

“It’s pretty neat to see what kids come up with,” she said.

Bobs and Lolo became friends as children growing up on Vancouver Island, and they discovered a shared love of singing in high school. After they both moved to Vancouver and Pond was working at the Vancouver Aquarium and Hardy was getting her education degree, they came up with the idea to put music and education together.

“We think every child can connect with music in one way or another,” Hardy said. “It’s just a really neat tool to use for teaching.”

Since their debut as Bobs and Lolo in 2003, they’ve been capturing the hearts and minds of children, parents and educators alike. They’ve released two CDs and a DVD of their fun, interactive material, and they perform regularly at schools, children’s festivals and community events. They’ve been a popular, returning act at the Whistler Children’s Art Festival.

Hardy said being asked to be part of Kidzone at the Pemberton Festival is a great opportunity. She likes that the festival is branching out from the adults-only rock concert tradition.

“I think it’s fabulous. Parents and kids can all come and have fun and participate together,” she said.

Bobs and Lolo are scheduled to play two shows each day of the Pemberton Festival, Friday to Sunday (July 25 to 27). The Kidzone runs daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and includes performances by Norman Foote, Rick Scott and Vietnam’s Khac Chi Music. Performers from Vancouver Circus School will be roving the Kidzone area and the Pemberton Arts Council will be offering workshops. Face painting, play areas and a bouncy castle are all part of the fun.

Admission to the festival is free for kids age 7 and under. Visit for more information or to purchase tickets.

- Whistler Question


Action Packed CD (2008)
Bobs & Lolo deliver action packed fun for families with the relese of their highly-anticipated third album, Action Packed. This new release features 12-original songs geared at connecting children to behaviours that positively impact themselves, their friends and the world around them.

On Your Feet DVD (2007)
From up in the trees to down in the seas, get on your feet with Bobs & Lolo! This musical DVD features 10 great songs and full-length videos that will get kids dancing, singing and playing along in an exciting world filled with bikes, gardens, rocket ships and more!

Musical Adventures CD (2006)
Critically acclaimed for insiring lyrics and engaging melodies, Musical Adventures features songs about healthy living, conserving wildlife and going green - a perfect soundtrack for active kids everywhere!

Sea Notes CD (2004)
Sharing a love of marine life through rich harmonies, story-telling and imaginative play, Sea Notes is guaranteed to get children floating like jellyfish, diving like otters and dancing like dolphins!



May 1, 2009: Bobs & Lolo bring GOLD to Vancouver! Action Packed is the latest album from critically acclaimed children’s performers, Bobs & Lolo, to fall under the international spotlight. Bobs & Lolo are currently celebrating a 2009 Parents’ Choice Gold Award that follows closely on the heels of a 2008 Children’s Music Web Award and a 2009 Canadian Indie Award nomination for Favourite Children’s Artist. Momentum is definitely strong for this Vancouver-based duo!

February 6, 2009: Bobs & Lolo are now appearing on Treehouse TV! The national Canadian network is currently broadcasting a rotation of the music videos featured on their award-winning DVD, On Your Feet. Congratulations to Bobs & Lolo on this exciting new relationship with Treehouse (Corus Entertainment)!

Bobs & Lolo are dedicated to connecting kids to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. Since debuting in 2003, Bobs & Lolo have been capturing the hearts and minds of children, parents and educators alike. They regularly perform at schools, children's festivals and performing arts centres throughout North America.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (Lolo) have always shared a love of the natural world and a passion for working with children. Creating the dynamic duo Bobs & Lolo has allowed them to combine their diverse academic backgrounds with a mutual love of teaching and the arts.

Robyn Hardy - Bobs
With a background in teaching and linguistics, Robyn is an enthusiastic and caring individual with a passion for conservation education. On stage she loves to sing, dance, clap, snap and tap!

Lorraine Pond - Lolo
As an environmental educator and kinesiology major, Lorraine is an energetic performer with a flare for creating connections between young audiences and the natural world. On stage she loves to sing, dance, wiggle, slide and glide!

Awards and Recognition
2009 Parents' Choice GOLD Award - Action Packed CD
2008 Children's Music Web Award
2008 Parents' Choice Award - On Your Feet DVD
2007 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award - Musical Adventures CD
2007 Western Canadian Music Awards Nominees - Outstanding Children's Recording of the Year

"Ridiculously catchy hooks, memorable lyrics, as sense of fun and wild abandonment: All are key to making great music. Vancouver-based Bobs & Lolo meet all these criteria...professionalism and an appealing image can't hurt either."
- Stuart Derdeyn, The Province

“Bobs & Lolo are the best family performers out there today. With full harmonies, great melodies and a positive message everyone can get behind, these girls are going to the top.”
- Mario Vaira, Five Fathom Studios

For more information, please visit