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Bob Showdown

 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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Uplifting and humorous lyrics set to infectious and danceable hip-hop beats.


Bob Showdown is a beat producer and M.C. from Houston, Texas with a knack for humorous and uplifting lyricism. Bob can take the stage with only a microphone and a beat machine to deliver his own brand of “Hilarious Hip-Hop”. Every one of Bob’s songs is a story seeking a connection to the listener’s brain.

Bob soaks up new information and music with the goal of keeping his lyrics fresh and interesting for his listeners. He writes about everything from yoga to breakfast tacos and does it all in a catchy way with wit that can't be denied. Bob is not schizophrenic, he just genuinely loves all types of music and pulls from his various influences to create infectiously head-bobbing beats.

His influences include The Dead Milkmen, Tom Waits, Ween, The Drive-by Truckers, and Kool Keith. You can hear some of these diverse sounds creep into Bob’s music from time to time, but you can also hear many of the inevitable Texas influences. Bob will be the first to express his love for the country music of Lefty Frizzell, the blues of Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, and the gangsta rap of UGK.

More than anything, Bob loves meeting new people and playing music with them. That’s why you might see him up on stage with someone playing banjo, fiddle, or upright bass. If he can’t play music with you, he’d still love to play some for you. Come out to a show, say hello, and you’ve got yourself a new friend named Bob Showdown.


This is How Some People Dance

Written By: Mark Medley

“This is How Some People Dance”
by Mark Medley, aka Bob Showdown

Chorus: This is how some people dance, repeat 8 times

Verse 1:
Some people dance hot, some people dance mild
Some people dance wild like a hyper active child
It’s been a while, but my moves are far from out of style
I might step-touch from here for a thousand miles
I would shake my ass, it’s just too bad I don’t have one
Like ‘King of the Hill’ I might just have to implant one
And then I hit the floor and show you how I move
Like a fine piece of art, I should be at L’Ouvre
And I improve on the steps that I choreograph
What the hell am I talking about? I don’t choreograph
I just groove to the music with my better half
It’ll sooth while she coos and I make her laugh
I’m on staff at the dance class nearest you
Ninety-nine cents, check me out on iTunes
Cartoon balloons bend like I do
When I’m dancing on the sand like a worm from Dune


Verse 2:
Come on Lionel Richie, Let’s party all night long (all night long)
Let’s get some people dancing on the ceiling (dancing on the ceiling)
Let’s hear you sing some of my favorite songs
I won’t start dancing until you call Kenny (ooh you better call him)
And plug him in an extra microphone
I got a lady and she wants to hear ‘Lady’ (ooh yeah she does)
Otherwise she’ll leave me dancing alone (and we don’t want that)


Verse 3:
Some people like to dance (that’s good for them)
Some people don’t like to dance (well, that’s ok too)
Some people dance all on their own (all alone)
Some people like to dance in a line (go ahead Billy Ray)
Some people dance touch-step, touch-step
Some people dance Hammer time
Some people dance in the middle of a circle
With all their homies screaming their name (go Bob)

Breakfast Tacos For Jah

Written By: Mark Medley

“Breakfast Tacos for Jah”
by Mark Medley, aka Bob Showdown

Breakfast tacos for Jah, Breakfast tacos for Jah
Making Breakfast tacos for Jah, cooking Breakfast Tacos for Jah

Verse 1:
Oh God, Oh my Jah,
What a gwaan? Oh my Jah

I awoke this morning with no breakfast tacos to be found
Where are my tortillas? Where is my salsa picante?
Mighty Jah Jah, bring me the head of Babylonians
They took my breakfast taco, they took my breakfast taco
No potato, No no queso
No breakfast taco was on my table
I pray to Jah Jah, strike down Babylonians
They wanna eat McMuffins, don’t let them eat McMuffins


Verse 2:
Oh my God, Oh my Jah,
What a gwaan? What a gwaan?

I awoke this morning and found three eggs laid at my door
Along with some tortillas, some nice wheat tortillas
I had a bell pepper, that I had yesterday
But I didn’t get to use it
Because somebody took my breakfast tacos
But on this day I had all the ingredients
That I needed to make some nice breakfast tacos
So I made three tacos
And I ate two
And the other one…
Jah, I made it for you



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