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Independence Square

Written By: Bob Wallace

Ah, Lyn, you rocked my city when I saw you standing there
Braw, blue een across the Irish bar, bonnie, long black hair
And you were much more pretty than the local girls, I swear
Every good footsoldier wanted to be with you there
And it's - won't you come home to the land that loves you true?
You've been gone such a long time, we're all missing you
The climate here is changing; you can feel it in the air
In the wind that blows our songs echoes from
Independence Square

Ah, Lyn, I know it's hard to trust in a new cause
Heartbreak's left you living like this, subject to foreign laws
So many snakes and rogues in taxi cabs and bars
But if they knock us in the gutter, we'll reach for the stars
And it's - won't you come home to the lads that love you true?
You've been gone such a long time, we're all missing you
This time will be different; can't you see we care?
We'll even call the place we meet our
Independence Square

Ah, Lyn, please come back and we can make it just like there
Rousing songs in the bars at night, revolution in the air
I still see your blue een; they're with me everywhere
Drawing me by streets and neuks to Independence Square
And it's - won't you come home to the lads that love you true?
You've been gone such a long time; we're all missing you
I'll dance with you in my arms, out in the open air
And we shall be united, love, in
Independence Square

O Scotland

Written By: Bob Wallace

O Scotland
I hear your voices calling
Thro’ Lowland glen, o’er Hieland ben
United and free
Alba gu brath
Mile Failte, Slainte mhath
Frae aa the airts, tho’ rouch in pairts
It's music tae me

And we’ll mairch now in peace
Secure in valour’s station
A modren sovereign nation
Meaning no one wrong
Yet when we take the stand
When countries assemble
My heartbeat’s a-tremble
I shed a tear, my hope’s to hear
The Scottish song.

O Scotland
Your poetry speaks to me
Your music whispers through me like a
Dream of home
Sweet, sweet the sound
A thousand voices humming
Look for me, see, I'm coming
Never mair to roam

And we'll rise now as one
To greet our independence
Guid craic, our very essence
As we welcome the warld
For we’ll yet take oor stand
When countries foregether
Wear tartan and heather
And shed a tear, for joy to hear
The Scottish song!

Worryin About You

Written By: Bob Wallace

The Spring can’t come fast enough
After this Winter that’s been so tough
Already I see cherry blossoms on the tree
Cruel March winds’ll soon set em free
Crocuses, daffodils burst into view
So long I been worryin about you

Things change so fast these days
One day’s sunny, the next it’s grey
We try to go out, up comes a squall
We can’t stay in, we go to the mall
There’s really nothing for me to do
‘Cept wait and see and worry about you

Sometimes I feel so alone
Wish there was someone I could phone
Who’d understand and listen and know
How to be trapped and not let go
An after everything we’ve been through
How I keep on worryin about you

Just keep breathing, that’s the trick
So tired and the air’s so thick
Hot or cold, cloudy or fine
Depression rolls in every time
Sick of it all, nearly through – maybe
What keeps me goin is worryin about you

The rain came, the hail, the snow
We really had a bit of a blow
And did the storm redraw the landscape?
Was the air cleared, did we escape?
Though all the doctors said that it was true
My baby darling I still worried about you

I see the sun now so it must be fine
Birds are chirpin, dancing on the line
Cars, trains, planes all keeping time
Schoolkids go by, no reason or rhyme
Laughing past the trees, the flowers, all new
Where I’m waitin still worryin about you