BOCA’s Songwriting is a direct channel to the heart. Her music evokes emotion, passion and most of all honesty.

Born in Toronto, Canada, BOCA, is the youngest daughter of four children, her parents, Italian immigrants. BOCA’s deep desire to play the piano was met at the age of 10, despite her Mother’s strong disapproval, her Father recognized his daughter’s innate talent and found her a teacher and encouraged her to follow her natural affection for music.

Life’s circumstances fueled BOCA’s artistry and her need to escape into the world of music. “This was my only release, being able to express it through music.” It was only a few years later that she began to perform professionally at Corporate and Private functions. She continued to immerse herself in music by singing, writing and performing with original bands in Toronto through out High School.

BOCA continued to pursue her passion when she attended Humber College School of Creative and Performing Arts in Toronto. A school acclaimed for its Advanced Jazz Program whose Faculty is known for refining talent and cultivating a high level of musical skill in its students. She thrived on studying Composition, Arranging and Voice, graduating with high honors. She was a featured vocalist in the high Profile 13-piece R&B Funk band “Blue Jackets Required”. This is also where she discovered her love for world music and delved into the songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Salsa and Folkloric Music and Dance. She began performing with Authentic Latin/Jazz, Afro/Cuban, Salsa, Brazilian and Folkloric groups in Summer Festival Concert Series through out Toronto, Detroit and Los Angeles. Singing effortlessly in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, as well as some African Languages.

While living in Detroit, BOCA was nominated for a Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding World Singer”, for her work with pianist Eileen Orr of the Grammy nominated Jazz group, “Straight Ahead”.

She promoted her self released CD, “Delving the Depths”, in the greater Metropolitan Detroit area by accompanying herself on piano, singing at Coffeehouses, Art Fairs and Bookstores. “This allowed me to share my music in its simplest form and see its effects. It means more somehow when you know it is being received and people are relating to the songs. This was a wonderful confirmation for me”. BOCA’s ability to capture an audience and take hold of them is undeniable. Her songs leave a profound impression and engage the hearts of listeners.

She now resides in Los Angeles where she continues to share her love of music.
Her song “Edge of the Night” is the featured Theme song in the documentary “Unsung Heroes”, Produced by Antonio Soave (Capistrano Films), Doug Deluca (Jimmy Kimmel Live) with Instrumental Score by Bruce Miller (Composer of the Theme Song of Frasier).

BOCA’s current CD -“Edge of the Night” is being sold in Canada and throughout the U.S. Her single “Mornin’ Noon & Night” is garnishing airplay on a variety of Smooth Jazz Radio Stations as well as AC stations (See:

BOCA has been invited as a featured Performer on Canada’s National Morning Program Canada AM. Smooth Jazz 92.1 in Reno, Nevada interviewed BOCA on their morning show and featured BOCA with her Trio at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Reno.

BOCA is a unique Artist that writes music that touches the soul and inspires audiences of all ages. Her charisma, soul and beauty are truly captivating. Enjoy the heart of BOCA.

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