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Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
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"Interview with Carlos Bocanegra"

Carlos Bocanegra lives in Kernersville and Peru, performing rock music that he says encourages social awareness. He's also founder of the three member band, Bocanegra, which uses rock songs to give voice to a range of social issues. The group is launching the American premiere of their first album, also called Bocanegra.

Here is the link to the complete interview. - NPR's Voices and Viewpoints

"Bocanegra on 13 Hours"

Carlos Bocanegra and Josue Vasquez interviewed on the TV program "13 Hours" on Canal N in Lima, Peru. - Canal N

"Bocanegra Live on RPP TV"

Carlos Bocanegra and Josue Vasquez are interviewed on RPP TV in Lima, Peru. - RPP TV

"Nos Vemos con Bocanegra"

"Fogoso, aguerrido, directo, el sonido de Bocanegra se distinguirá rápìdamente en la escena por su sólida identidad rockera, con notorias influencias de post-punk e industrial, y por sus letras que parecen relatar oscuros sueños imposibles. Bocanegra ofrece una bocanada de estimulante música."

Translation: “Spirited, courageous, direct, Bocanegra’s sound will distinguish quickly on the scene for their rock solid identity, with noticeable post-punk and industrial influences, and lyrics that recount dark impossible dreams. Bocanegra offers a breath of invigorating music " - La Republica

"Clasica Modernidad (Classical Modernity)"

Es el tipo de grupo que siempre sonará moderno. A medio camino entre lo alternativo y lo asequible, recoge el legado de la new wave y el rock industrial, con una orientación melódica. La distancia geográfica que separa al vocalista de los otros dos integrantes no ha afectado a Bocanegra y parecen dispuestos a insistir respecto a su valía tanto aquí como afuera.

Translation: “This type of group will always sound modern. En between alternative and approachable, it grabs the legacy of new wave and industrial rock with a melodic orientation. The geographical distance separating the vocalist and other band members appears not to affect Bocanegra. This band is ready to demand respect and demonstrate their importance both domestically and internationally.” - El Peruano

"Meet Bocanegra: Makes Some Noise for Lima's Hard Rock/Industrial Trio"

The curious thing about Bocanegra was that it was never meant to be anything serious. The post-punk/industrial bilingual group was originally conceived as a side project by members of this trio who were doing pretty well in their respective groups (Dolores Delirio, Almática and Astrea). Then one day, fate decides to toss a curve ball by putting those bands on hiatus and Bocanegra becomes the focus. That turned out to be the best thing for Carlos Bocanegra, Aranzazú and Vásquez (though not so much for their other bandmates) who impressively charted the Peruvian Modern Rock charts for nine weeks in a row. Their forthcoming debut album, co-produced by Martin Atkins (who’s collaborated with Pigface, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and other industrial, post-punk bands), is a 12-track compilation of tracks that straddle a fine line between hard rock, industrial and new wave. You can get a taste of it at their bandcamp page were you can stream their two EPs. Or conveniently download “Love (the) Machine” below and watch the official video. - Remezcla


Still working on that hot first release.



• Bilingual Post-Punk / Dream-Pop / Industrial band
• Influences: Pigface, Killing Joke, Ministry, Talk Talk, Prefab Sprout
• Bocanegra’s forthcoming debut album was co-produced by Martin Atkins (author of Tour: Smart, Ministry, Pigface, Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke)
• The first single“ Love the Machine” charted in the Peruvian Modern Rock charts for nine weeks in a row, reaching the Top 20.
• “Love the Machine” music video in rotation on MTVLA y VH1LA
• Soon to be released video for "Sombras" directed by Multi-award winning director, Percy Cespedez
• Over 40 live concerts in Peru SA to date including Festival Acustirock 2, Festival Lima Rockea in the Exposition Park, Festival Minka Rockea III and 50 minute live in-studio concert broadcast on
• Various interviews and appearances on radio and television (including NPR, RPP TV, Plus TV, Claro TV and Cinescape on América TV) as well as countless blogs (including, El Viaje Sonico, Esquina)