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Established on Jan, 2005
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Texicana is an album that could only have come from a Texas band. Bocastria’s unique mixture of influences, which include everything from rock en Espanol to Tejano, make Texicana an interesting listen. You’ll hear everything from melodic guitar hooks, edgy vocals, soft harmonies, keys and percussions. It is tough to really pinpoint what genre of music Bocastria fall under other than Latin rock. Songs are sung in both English and Spanish, reflecting the culture of the band and their hometown influences.

“Encanto” is one of the few standout tracks on Texicana. The melodic guitar hook and female vocal led chorus make “Encanto” an enjoyable listen. Tonya Martinez and Maddie Briones compliment each other well vocally and that differentiates Bocastria from other local Latin bands here in Austin. That’s not easy to do, being that Austin has so many talented Latin bands Austinites can see on any given night.

The acoustic version of the song creacion is the better of the two, and will appeal to Lila Downs fans or folk fans in general. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m summoning spirits of my ancestors or doing something involving a curandera (Mexican faith healer). The original version sounds angrier and more haunting, which is why I prefer the softer acoustic version. The acoustic version is more fit to showcase Bocastria’s vocal talents of Martinez and Briones.

“Tejana Pride” is the Spanglish, ranchera rock track that exudes Tejana pride. The song is best summed up by the line “Cuando Oigo una ranchera, mi corazan canta” or when I hear a ranchera my heart sings. My favorite lyrics in “Tejana Pride” are “my favorite words are gaucho and pendejo”. I could be wrong here, but I have a feeling many of you Tejanas out there may be able to relate. If there was ever a song ready for your personal myspace profile,” Tejana Pride” is it. It is easily the best track on the album.

The rest of the tracks on Texicana sound well produced and are fun songs, but do not stand out like the tracks mentioned above. I admit that I was never much into Bocastria before, but Texicana definitely puts Bocastria on the next level and gives us all a reason to give them a listen. No one else has a similar sound here in Austin that I’ve heard. It will be interesting to see how they carry on from this point and how new audiences outside of Austin will respond to them. -

Bocastria—Texicana—This is the first full-length album from Boscastria that takes you on a path from pure rock to Ranchera to Tejas Reggaeton all of which are in a Spanglish harmony. It is defining in Latin fusion sounds making for an interesting mix and a unique sound. Harmonization and instrumentation reign supreme and capture your ears even if you aren’t on the page of what’s being sung about. 4.5 McRiprock’s. -

Bocastría emerged last year, fusing rock and Tejano in a bilingual stew spiced with reggae and other elements. The strong, emotional vocal of Tanya Martinez, backed in harmony by singer Deann Wilson, leads the ensemble with passion (Wilson has apparently been replaced by Maddie Briones as the latter is listed on their website as the harmony vocalist). Buddy Villanueva plays guitars, Nathan Cardenas plays drums and percussion, and Kenneth Null plays bass. Martinez wrote all the songs on this, their debut recording of six tunes released in November 2006, including this reggae-fied cumbia. San Antonio Tejano star Jonny Martinez recorded the album, and accordionist Victor Hernandez, who appears on two tracks, may be the same Victor Hernandez who has recorded with Jonny Martinez in recent years. The final sideman on the CD is the prolific Austin trumpet player Ray Strucker (has a killer bullfight-evoking solo on the first track), who has played or recorded with such Austin artists and bands as the Unbearables, Ponty Bone, Gina Lee, Alibi, El Tule, the Spicewood Seven, Laurie Markvart, and Loose Shoes.
At least three of the regular members of Bocastría appear to have experience in local television journalism. Null and Cardenas are video journalists with local television station KVUE (you can see a number of their features at this link), and Martinez has reported for News 8 Austin, as shown in this clip from their archives. Cardenas also collaborated with David N. Reyes of X Horn Productions on the documentary Half Cocked Firelock - Time Served in Santa Ana's Army, in which they interviewed some of the many Texas Latinos who portrayed Santa Ana's soldiers in the major motion picture "The Alamo" filmed locally in 2002.
Bocastría has initiated a monthly Latin music showcase at the Troubadour on 6th Street, and the next will be May 25 (see below for details). Also, May 17 has been declared Bocastría Day by the City Council, with the appropriate public pronouncement and celebration.§ion=aroundthetownsounds&subsect1=archives&archpage=/001471.php - KOOP-FM, 91.7- Charlie Martin

Review from about Bocastria's performance during the Tejas VIP Records Party that took place before the 2007 Tejano Music Awards:

I've always had opening bands play that aren't on the label, it's one way we show support for other labels and bands. Hundreds and hundreds of groups come into town from all over the country for fanfare and it seems like we get a request from every one of them. The audience for this party has a really high percentage of musicians in it - another reason it has a different intensity to it than most shows. And a lots of radio station people from around the country.

We always pick a couple of bands and let them open, the first cut are ones we might consider for the label - I just want to see how they behave. But some get to play because they'll add an extra dimension. It's one of my favorite parts. Glenn and Kim played one year, Sexto Sol last year, Acoustic Jungle, Del Castillo a couple of years ago and a bunch of others.

This was the band that was the fifth dimension this year.

They played unplugged in the media room, the drummer had one little African hand drum between his knees. They did a good job of being acoustic but still having a lot of energy. You don't see it in the video but the band is now two female lead singers singing together on almost every song and it sounded really good. Jonny Martinez recorded their record in his tiny little studio on the westside. -John

"Austin Tejano firecrackers Bocastria are rounding out the holiday romp bill to close the show. Their cd, Enter the Groove, was released on November 14 and is available at Waterloo. You can sample their sound at MySpace. Their unique blend of classic Tejano sounds and modern rock (heavy, driving guitar riffs and thundering drums behind gorgeously layered female harmonies in Spanish and English) is a thrill to listen to, and we’re so excited to have them with us for this event." -

I have officially "Enter(ed) the groove". My perception of "the groove", manifests into an excellent, full bodied brew combining beautifully harmonized lyrics with pulse pounding rhythms and eyebrow raising guitar riffs. Hailing from Austin, Texas (the live music Mecca of the southwest) Bocastria has gained a steady following from their local Latino and rock scenes over the past year, and rightfully so. "Enter the Groove" (the band's debut album) has relinquished some of the freshest, most original sounds to come out of Austin in years. Bocastria's Latino heritage is not only evident in their lyrics, but also in their instrumentation, which at times serves up a flawlessly interwoven mix of Tejano and early nineties rock and roll. My Christmas list has just been taken care of - music makes a great gift... but great music make the best gift! - Chris: No Location Specified

“Bocastria is an amazing flavor of sounds with strong vocals, big beats, and fearless rhythm. To really appreciate this band, you must go to a live show to hear, see, and feel the energy.” - Brian Stubbs, Bexar Naked Productions



1. Creación
2. Embrujar
3. Chingón
4. Pellizcar
5. Corazón de Mi Vida
6. Espíritu
7. Encanto
8. No Mientas
9. Change Your Mind
10. Tejana Pride
11. Over the Ocean
12. Creación (Acoustic)
Enter the Groove

1. Abra el Cielo
2. Shakeyar
3. Cuanto
4. La Candela
5. Neptune Landscape
6. Stay



Bocastria’s first full-length album, Texicana, takes you on a spiritual journey from Rock to Ranchera to Tejas Reggaeton - all in Spanglish harmony. Texicana describes a unique musical style that is Bocastria’s own, and it places the band at the forefront in helping define what Latin Fusion means in Texas today.

Latin Grammy Nominee, Jonny Martinez assisted on several of Texicana’s recordings. In 2006, he recorded Bocastria’s first E.P., Enter the Groove, which gained local and worldwide attention with its single and music video for “Cuanto.”

Bocastria has been together for three years, and it has been steadily gaining recognition. On May 17, 2007, the band was honored by the City of Austin with “Bocastria Day.” It has performed in several well-known showcases such as the Pachanga Festival, Tejas Records VIP Party, SX-Tex-Mex Awards, and 107. 1 KGSR’s Social Club. Bocastria has appeared on several TV programs and has shared the stage with a variety of Latino musicians such as Vallejo, Grupo Fantasma, Molotov, Michael Salgado, and Los Desparadoz.

Bocastria started in the living room of singer/keyboardist Tanya Martinez and drummer Nathan Cardenas. Joined by guitarist Buddy Villanueva, the trio began to write and record. Later it was joined by bassist Kenneth Null and harmony vocalist, Deann Wilson. Each member’s musical taste varied so much; the end result was an eclectic Tex-Mex sound no one could have imagined. Wilson left and was replaced by Tanya’s younger sister, Maddie Briones, who stepped in and added to Bocastria’s energy.

You can visit Bocastria at and for information on purchasing Texicana and live music dates.