Bodacious Banana Extravaganza

Bodacious Banana Extravaganza


Adding a young, energetic new sound to the jam band community is the Bodacious Banana Extravaganza. Tying in a wide array of genres to create their own sound they work together to bring their toe tapping music together with their quirky lyrics to make their music as fun as their live shows.


Imagine a song that was so infectious and groovy that it got everyone in the room to tap their foot. Now imagine that song being played by a band that can play any and every genre from funk to rock to jazz. That band is the Bodacious Banana Extravaganza.

With influences ranging from jam bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead to jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins to rock bands such as Primus and Cream, we have created an original blend of sounds and genres that make up our unique style.

We began playing together in June 2006 and by august 2006, we were out playing a few gigs here and there. In fall 2006, we began work on our first full length album "Captains of the Concrete Ocean". As of right now, we are finishing up the album and it should be available soon. It is a good representation of our fun and unique look on music and life and shows our great new sound, called by many as, "girth jams."

Our best feature may be the live shows, where we compile a setlist that takes the audience through an energetic music carnival ride that blends the line between orchestrated song and improvisational groove.


The Bagel EP - 2006
Captains of the Concrete Ocean - 2007

Set List

Setlist of original material:
Intro song
Gomez the Gorilla Trainer
Ethan Fromage
Opus 89
My Girl's Gear's Gone
Lizard Man
Lost In a Tube
Out of Teotihuacan
and more being added constantly.

Covers we have done include: Come Together (Beatles)
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
Too Many Puppies (Primus)
One Step Beyond (Madness)
Can't Stop (RHCP)
YYZ (Rush)
Farmhouse, Simple (Phish).

Our sets can be as long or short or as numerous as the situation requires. We have played for 30 minutes, we have also played for 3 hours. We can prepare a very versatile set for any occasion/setting.