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Bodaiga’s much-awaited album, “The Warehouse", promises to delight true fans of hip-hop. It encompasses stories from the street, the heart, and everything that’s real in music. The album showcases his versatility and creativity, and establishes him as one of the premier artists in the game.


Music from the Midwest has a different kind of feel because we are able to combine the various sounds of the East, West, and South and turn it into something we call “Nasty Norf.” Nasty Norf is not just a sound, but it also describes the region that we dwell.

Reigning straight of Beloit, Wisconsin, which is a neighboring city of Milwaukee, I present to you Daiyon Mackell Davis aka “Bodaiga”. Born April 30, 1980 comes a very talented individual who is totally focused and committed to nothing less than total success.

Even though the Midwest has gained its recognition from famed Hip Hop/Rap artists such as Eminem, Kanye West, Nelly, and Twista, Bodaiga is a multi-talented and diverse talent lyricist who will definitely establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in today’s competitive rap arena.

When it comes to making hit songs, Bodaiga possess the necessary formula to not only be successful in the beginning, but will have longevity because he’s an artist that’s forever evolving. Bodaiga has the ability to make his audience party one moment, and then he’s able to switch gears and take you on a voyage and hit you with day-to-day struggles of inner-city life as well a political/social issues of the world.

Bodaiga currently has a hit single called “We Don’t Play Dat” featuring Lil Jon, Bun B, and Wine-O that is receiving significant airplay and receiving exceptional feedback on various radio stations nationwide. Bodaiga has a laid back demeanor, but when he hits the stage he ignites and let’s his fans see why he was destined to be in the rap game. He’s been blessed to rock crowds in France, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, South Carolina, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin, which has helped him to develop name recognition and a solid fan base.

Bodaiga is a natural who will make a strong impact in the music industry and will become a household name just like his peers. His creative existence will allow him to erupt and be the next big artist of the Midwest!


Track Listing:

1. We Ain't Gonna Stop
2. We Don't Play Dat
3. Jukin Round Here
4. Jigalaan
5. The Game Praise Me
6. Northern Alliance
7. Who Dem Boys
8. Make It Jump
9. Wanna Be With U
10. Hood Talk
11. Snitch Report (Intro)
12. Snitch Report
13. Take A Look
14. Major
15. In My City
16. Clash When It's Blasphemy
17. Daigaton
18. The Story Is Told
19. We Ain't Gonna Stop (Outro)

Set List

Depending on his audience mix he will change a couple of the songs. The number of songs and length of songs also varies. Typically, 15 minutes is the norm.


Intro Skit

Who Dem Boys (full)

Jiggalaan (partial)

Jukin’ Round Here (partial)

Da Game Praise Me (partial)

We Don’t Play Dat (partial)