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"Local Hip-Hop Artist Keeps It Real"

Monday, October 16, 2006

Local Hip-Hop Artist Keeps It Real
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Local hip hop artist keeps it real
Posted: Saturday, Sep 02, 2006 -

Born and raised in Beloit, Daiyon Mackell Davis knew he was destined to become something big.

Now he is getting more attention across the nation for his rap music, recently being named Best Artist of the Midwest at the fourth annual Underground Music Awards.

While attending Beloit Memorial High School and running track, Davis became more aware of his talent in and love for music. His older brother, Tony Lister, was involved in music and became an inspiration to him.

Davis started to dabble in rhyming himself, and quickly realized he was getting good feedback from all who heard him.

After graduation in 1998, Davis went on to Blackhawk Technical College for two years and spent one year at the University of Wisconsin - Rock County. It was after that year that he became serious about having a music career.

His talent and good feedback fueled Davis with a sporting chance at the big time.

The first couple of years were just as tough for Davis as is normally for any musician trying to make it. Davis stayed motivated by his mother - his biggest inspiration - and his brother Tony.

He stuck with the music because it gives him a chance to be creative and express himself. Those two things are what he likes best about the hip hop/rap music he creates.

Davis eventually got into the swing of being a musical artist and gave himself the stage name many fans know him by now, Bodaiga.

Bodaiga's songs cover day-to-day struggles, relationships, parties, political/social issues and more.

Although his music does contain some profanity, Bodaiga says the songs are not anything too hard-core. His first full-length album will have an explicit lyric sticker on the cover for parents who would rather their children not hear profanity.

Bodaiga started visiting New York with his brother and was able to get some radio stations out there to play his music. The airplay sparked record label recruiters' interest.

Once Bodaiga was noticed, things started to roll for him. He was nominated for an award at the fourth annual Underground Music Awards held in New York. Thousands of fans from the Midwest voted, awarding Bodaiga with the Best Artist of the Midwest award.

Bodaiga was excited to receive this award. The attention gave him the chance to put Beloit on the map. He said that most people have never heard of Beloit and that they didn't think talent would come from this area, but he knew they were wrong. He knows that his current success will help many local musicians in the future, because recruiters now know of the town and the talent that can come from here.

I am doing this for all of Beloit, since I do know how hard it is to make it, he said.

Within a couple of years Bodaiga hopes to make it back to Beloit, venture off into the business world and help the community open some places in the area. But for now, he is sticking with his music career.

Bodaiga put out a promotional album last year that helped him move onto the music scene. The album received good feedback from the streets, radio and clubs.

At the moment, Bodaiga has a single out titled We Don't Play Dat' featuring Lil' Jon, Wine-O and Bun B. The single is currently getting play on radio stations across the Midwest and has a newly finished video that he hopes will air on Black Entertainment Television (BET) and Music Television (MTV) within the next few months.

Bodaiga will release his first full-length album, The Game Praise Me, on Oct. 24. The album will include skits, his single and 16 additional songs.

His record is produced by three independent labels including Downlow Records, Barnyard Productions and Nasty Norf Entertainment, a label company of his own. Sony Records will distribute his album and it will be available wherever music is sold.

By Holly Myers
Daily News staff writer

Beloit Daily News
149 State Street / Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 / 608-365-8811 or 800-356-3411
Office Hours M-F: 8am-5pm Saturdays: 7:30am-11:30am

- Holly Myers

"Bodaiga - The Game Will Praise Him"

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yo Raps Article Featuring Bodaiga

Bodaiga - The Game Will Praise Him
Saturday - September 2, 2006 | Post Comments (1)

Say it with me now "BO-DAI-GA", very good. But don't get it twisted, this isn't just another Half Baked cat trying to make a buck. It's been about 5 or 6 years now since the Midwest made it's presence known in hip hop, and with artists like Bodaiga out there, there is no shortage of new fire from the Middle Coast. Now that I think about it, f*ck your style, Bodaiga doesn't need it! Instead of sticking to the sound that's hot right now, this cat has come up with his own sound, ensuring radio and club spins for as long as people want to hear something new. What is Nasty Norf? I'll let him explain...

I know some people know what's up, but some cats are still missing it, let 'em know who Bodaiga is...

When you go in a Bodaiga corner store in the ghettos and you see a lot of things you can buy such as pop, candy, chips, juice, water, etc well I'm that artist who provides the goods and the needs to the rap game. Being that I can give you various styles when it comes hip hop and I'm the warehouse so whatever you need I got it.

You got the middle coast on lock right now, what's it like being from the Midwest and now working in Houston?

The main reason I love reppin' the Midwest (Nasty Norf) is because it´s like being in a melting pot with all the different rap artist we tend to listen to up here it makes us up norf able to blend in where ever we go feel me. It´s many styles combined in one so when I went to Houston and laid it down I already knew what it was, and at the end of the day Houston showed so much love to me so I got respect and love for that area it was a good experience.

Coming up, who were your early musical influences?

Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Nas - the list goes on but for the
most part my mom and my brother Tony Lugo. I used to take his rhymes and rap them to my friend's at least I tried to. And my mom, she would sing all day in the house just being surrounded by good music.

When did you realize that you could make a living by making music?

I finally realized it when people who heard me was like "you can be a superstar". That made me rethink my options which was go to college for track or do this rap thing and inside I knew I could...

Break down the 'Nasty Norf' sound for me...

Nasty Norf, that's being able to create gumbo soup for the industry which
means being able to be diverse and use various styles for the rap game creating something for every coast and your own.

How important is it for you to be a diverse emcee?

Very important because, if u want to have everybody feel your music then you need to make diverse music and to top it off that's what a great emcee is being able to create something out of your own realm.

Take me into the creative process, how do you make your music?

I first listen to the beat, then I think deeply on what type of style would fit on
the beat once I'm done with that I think of a concept and then I start writing the song in my head.

You have been blessed with production from Lil Jon and an appearance by Bun B, how does it feel to have the respect of industry heavyweights?

It's a true blessing to be able to work with Lil Jon and Bun B. I got respect for what they bring to the table and blending with them was my first big step which was an experience I will never forget.

Houston couldn't be bigger right now; do you think it´s newfound success is a blessing or a curse? Is there a lot of animosity between artists, or just support?

I think they will do their thing for a while but like I said every dog has a his day, so it will eventually change.

Where is Bodaiga sitting in 5 years?

Hopefully I'm well respected as a lyricist and mentioned when people speak of great emcees during this generation. A business man and a star in a couple of movies and at the end of the day success in whatever I do.

What do you have on tap to make the rest of the year big?

Get my video done to start my career, do shows to get a lot of exposure and flood my name through every hood, ghetto, suburb, in every state so they know I'm here to stay.

Where can people holla at you?

My fans can get visit me at

- By Juan Torres

- Juan Torres

"Wisconsin Based Rapper Bodaiga Set To Release Debut Album"

Hip Hop Press Release

Oct 12, 2006

Las Vegas, NV (October 12, 2006) -

Representing the Midwest to the fullest, Wisconsin based rapper Bodaiga releases his highly anticipated album, 'The Warehouse' on October 31, 2006. Singles from the album have already started to gain airplay in select U.S. markets and college radio stations.

"The album is like a warehouse, it has so much in it. It's like a big, diverse melting pot. It provides the goods and the needies to everybody…a little something for the North, South, East and West," Bodaiga explains. He teamed up with some of the hottest producers in the game for this project including Joe Traxx, Knobs and Ginx.

The lead single, 'We Don't Play Dat' featuring Lil' Jon, Wine-O and Bun B of UGK immediately hypnotizes you with the signature, multi-platinum sounds of Lil' John in the backdrop. Of course with The King of Crunk, the hook is energetic and contagious. Bodaiga's flawless delivery combined with the vocals of Wine-O and Bun B flows perfectly on this street tough but radio-friendly track.

Bodaiga born "Daiyon Mackell Davis" is destined to become of one today's most relevant music artists. This versatile and creative artist, with his laid-back style has been compared to the likes of hip hop icon, LL Cool J. Bodaiga garnered major street credibility when he was recently named, Best Artist of the Midwest at the 4th Annual Underground Music Awards (UMA's).

For further information and a preview of song samples from the new release 'The Warehouse', please visit and/or

Booking Contact: Tarina Lister (815) 519-5170

- Tricia Conley

"Hip-Hop Artists Emerge From Wisconsin"

Royal Purple Article Featuring Bodaiga

Hip-hop artists emerge from Wisconsin
Staff writer
Article Date: November 29, 2006

Bodaiga recently released his debut album "The Warehouse" at the end of October. Bodaiga said he chose the title because Bodaiga means warehouse in Spanish and he "provides the goods and the needs like a warehouse." The album features Lil' John and other artists, and his first music video is expected to hit MTV and BET in the next few months.
Young, talented hip-hop artists are emerging from Wisconsin and their eyes are on the prize of fame.
Wisconsin is not automatically associated with hip-hop music, but lately there seems to a trend of producing up-and-coming hip-hop artists.
One hip-hop artist on the verge of success is Bodaiga, who released his highly anticipated debut album "The Warehouse" on Sony Records on Oct. 31.
"The name of the album is 'The Warehouse' because 'bodaiga' means warehouse in Spanish, and I provide the goods and the needs like a warehouse," Bodaiga said.
Born and raised in Beloit, Bodaiga knew he was destined for greatness with his talent and love for music.
"It feels really, really good to say I'm from Wisconsin and I'm very proud of that. Now I can prove to people that this area isn't just known for 'cheeseheads' and we have talented people here … so I'm putting Wisconsin on the map," Bodaiga said.
The lead single, "We Don't Play Dat," off the album features Lil' Jon, Wine-O and Bun-B of UGK. The music video finished filming in July and will air on MTV and BET within the next few months.

- Erin Dinklenburg


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