New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Kraqshake is for soul,Kraqshake is for the kids, Kraqshake is for the community.


Hip Hop Music is an universal language that every walk of life can fully understand, whether or not those individuals walking those paths even understand each other. KRAQSHAKE speaks volume in that same scenario bringing forth the "perfect marriage" of two incredible artist from two completely different cultures. Hailing from Nagoya City Japan comes the "one and only in the world" DJ CUTBIRD who started cutting up the vinyl around high school. He ponders back on those days bringing up ill feelings of not being athletic enough for any teams and so forth, so deejaying was his way to be cool. His older brother was a house DJ and served as a mentor to him, expressing the need to find uniqueness and obscurity in music, fashion and life and fueled his drive to "dig in the crates". He made his first mixtape in highschool as a graduation gift for his classmates before he jumped into the profession full time. His DJ O.G's were Hazu , DJ Krush,DJ Kensei and DJ Hide from Kemuri Productions. His hometown hero was an MC called Tokona-X from Illmariachi who repped Nagoya til his untimely death, also he found inspiration in American artist such as Lee Scratch Perry and Paul C. Fast forward to early 2010 in a basement party for The Brooklyn Circus distributor Kohey he met an ill MC brother by the name of B.O Da Trio. The two hit it off instantly talking about there musical interest likes and dislikes, and then B.O asked the million dollar question Got Beats? That started the relationship, they spent time together both learning more about each others culture. The name KRAQSHAKE actually came from cutbird who coined the phrase after two things he discovered, one was the slang used to great each other. B.O says "whats shakin playboy" CUTBIRD says "whats crackin brother", put that together and you got kraqshake. The other reason was stumbled on at a block party in B.O's neighborhood where cutbird purchase what new yorkers in the hood call nutcrackers, he immediately rushed to b.o and asked " what is this crack juice?, this is dope mixture like us" hence the beginning of the saga


The Kraqs-Epidemic X-mas 2010