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Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
Band Pop Alternative




"Lexington, London UK"

Bodebrixen pull of some of the cleverest, most joyous indie on the planet. Parping keyboards and lush vocal harmonies mean they come off like every funny memory of Eurovision you ever had with just a touch of Magic Numbers feelgoodosity bunged in for good measure. There are balloons, there is confetti – there’s even something resembling a lunch break, but it takes genuine talent to play a set that incorporates whistling, humming, whoa-whoa’s and happy clapping and still seem cool. -

"Spot Festival 2009, Denmark"

Amazing and irresistible, they exude charm as their seven members crowd the stage. Their happiness evokes early Haircut 100 or Housemartins with a Belle & Sebastian twist. Musically, this sing-along pop is so perfect it sounds like you dreamt it up. As the audience bounce along to Key Chain and Clock Radio, it's clear Bodebrixen are ready for more than Denmark. - MOJO

"Spot Festival 2009, Denmark"

A lot less feisty and having attracted an enormous crowd to one of the outdoor tents, Bodebrixen are one of the festival’s bigger success stories. They revel in the title of “the biggest unknown band in Denmark” and are a bit like Alphabeat crossed with The Whitest Boy Alive – although these guys are even whiter. Clad in cheesy white t-shirts and clearly delighted to be here, they keep the audience in similarly high spirits with a bag of songs more hook-laden than a Norwegian whaling boat. - Clash Magazine


'Bodebrixen' 2008
'Ghost' (single) 2012
'Out Of Options' 2012



Straight out of Scandinavia… Young and keen, Bodebrixen is the latest addition to the scandinavian pop scene. Their sound is spawn from Swedish pop tradition and their sources of inspiration range from ABBA to Peter, Björn and John. In their musical universe, the listener will find pop with a slightly bitter-sweet twist to it. The splashes of irony are well placed, and adds edge to the happy sound. It is accessible and hook laden and hard not to sing-a-long to.


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