Bodega Roja

Bodega Roja

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

INTELLIGENT JAM MUSIC (IJM) - Bodega Roja is a 6-piece progressive jam rock band from Atlanta whose sound reflects the fusion of their diverse roots in jazz, metal, funk, rock, and electronic.


Science meets soul.

At the crossroads of a euphoric jam scene and technical math-fusion, “improg” rockers Bodega Roja flirt with an unlikely collision of genres. The Atlanta sextet draws from their members’ vastly varied résumés in classic rock, jazz-funk, acoustic pop, metal, and electronic to offer a cohesive style uniquely Bodega.

With a furious fusion of influences like Umphrey's McGee meets The Mars Volta, Bodega's "front man" is the band itself, capturing crowds through mixed meters, psychedelic effects, sound design, and confident dynamic range. Songs climb from lush ambience to shredding in seconds, showcasing everything from the intricate instrumentals that got them started to three-part vocal harmonies. In just their first year, Bodega Roja played nearly 40 shows in 6 states, wrote 30 songs, and attracted over 1,000 fans on Facebook.

Building a base in two Southern local music markets with regular performances at The Five Spot (Atlanta) and New Earth Music Hall (Athens), Bodega Roja has performed alongside Easy Star All-Stars, Moon Taxi, The Heavy Pets, Consider the Source, and members of Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Mars Volta, and Fall of Troy. In 2010, Bodega hit the Georgia festival circuit as part of the Outlaws Outdoors, New Earth Day, AthFest, NoPhest and Summer Shade Festivals. That same summer, the band’s Northeast tour was highlighted by an appearance at the Bella Terra Festival in New York, headlined by Soulive and Lee “Scratch” Perry.


Palace In The Sky

Written By: Ross Huels, Jason Dashiell

You wake up in the morning
In someone else’s bed
Confused how to make the day
And embrace the taste of your own way
You’re foggy from a lucid dream
Denying all signs of reality
Abstraction bursting through
Believing all facts from the few

Here we go again, go again, go again
It’s building up inside deep within, deep within
Here we go again, go again, go again
It’s building up inside, deep within, can’t seem to win

You make your way through the fumes,
Lost from a hard day at work
Like cat-calls from kids at play
Too gone to hear the words that they say
The clouded taste of the room
Wears on your eyes, most likely to
Mix agents in a weary drool
It swallows you up into the pool

Here we go again, go again, go again
It’s building up inside deep within, deep within
Here we go again, go again, go again
It’s building up inside, deep within, can’t seem to win

Explode into a cloud of life
Begin to fly away
Build your palace in the sky
Now you're here to stay
Bring your loved ones with you here
Tomorrow is today
A frozen picture of the earth below
Somebody press play

Choice words, a mere keepsake
Spawned from all decisions that you make
The stacked pages let light in
To burn the throne where you’re sittin
Life is like an open book
The spine’s a little twisted
You gotta strive to dive right in
To a story yet to be written

The Ones

Written By: Roark Bailey

born to a land untrue
where cobwebs cover houses
and all dreams extinct
and hope like dust settles

worn like an oft-toiled hand
wrap callous in sorrow and disgrace
sky like cracked concrete
the land by man laid waste

we are the ones
towards the sun
we've never seen
we are the wind
and night the end
nothing's as it seems

sword in rusted hand
from dust and inattention
fire from all around
the air is thick with tension

we are the ones
towards the sun
we've never seen
we are the wind
and night the end
nothing's as it seems


Written By: Will Clark

every day we walk around and see the same
part of this life, people in pain
let's take a break and learn how to treat one another

fists clenched and thrown around in acts of rage
minds closed, unable to turn the page
help bring everyone together now

when something's wrong, people tend to forget
what is right, losing the intentions and promises
of what life is all about

this world is filled with negativity
rhythm and rhyme lead to harmony
live, laugh, learn to love each other

what did we do as all the years and seconds passed?
the sand trickled through the hourglass
did we live for ourselves or for another?

take these words and use them as they were your own
your refuse will someday grow to be a throne
now's the time to reach for what you're dreaming

spread the message of compassion
to all the wounded souls you meet
everybody join together
join together now in peace


A live recording of Bodega's instrumental performance at New Earth Music Hall on July 16, 2010 is available as their first album "Transmissions From New Earth." The band is currently recording tracks for their self-produced studio album and the first to feature vocals, for release in Fall 2011.

Set List

Typical set is 1.5 hrs of all original music. Can perform multiple sets, as well as covers, and have around 4 hrs original music. Each set tailored to environment and audience.

Be Fish
c: the Speed of Light
Inchworm vs. the Leaf
Some Day (Glissade)
(Floating on a) Glacier
Curved Surfaces
Continuous Curvature
We Are All Cartoons (They Sketched Us)
Blue Loves Blue
(3 Shades of) Green
For Now (Ocean Wander)
Sell Us Ourselves
Days of New
Junior Mint Condition
Palace In The Sky
The Ones

List of Sample Covers:
Red Baron - Billy Cobham
Fletch/Axel F Medley - Harold Faltermeyer
Mortal Kombat Theme Song
Chameleon - Herbie Hancock
Take Five - Dave Brubeck
Breathe - Pink Floyd
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins