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The best kept secret in music


"Review of Dear Irena"

The melody is very mellow and capturing. I especially like how the two guitars work against each other and provide a dynamic background. The vocals are superb, you sing with a subtle expression and a sincere attitude. The lyrics, as far as I could make out, does not strike me as anything very unoriginal, but you deliver them with great nerve, which is what counts. The ordinary becomes special in a good way only when it works together, and I think you have found a particularly good solution in terms of articulation and balance when you sing. I was really touched by it. -

"Good God, Thanks"

I am grateful I have heard this [Dear Irena]. I love the guitar and the melody, vocals are very convincing, arrangement is 'just enough' yet fits in, and the ending is just what the song needed. -

"Retro is In!"

I'll start by saying that I honstly like the song [Dear Irena]. The singer has a Morrison-esque quality to him (cool). The monotone verses could use some extra sparkle somewhere but I don't think the traditional harmony would fit. Hmmm. The music is very pleasant and I like the upbeat guitar licks. Just listened to it again and it appeals to me much more the second go-around. I take back the 'monotone verses' part because they work. Short and sweet. Sweeeeet!

"back from pere lachaise"

i hear a strong doors influence.. [Dear Irena]

i love the melody and the mood. wondering how it would sound with more room in the sound - like if the guitar was doing just chord hits on the beats, instead of the strumming. it would maybe make it a little lighter.

honestly i couldnt discern the lyrics.. but that didnt at all distract from the song, to me. i typically pay more attention to the sound, the mood, the instruments, and i really like what i hear on this song! -

"Cool Stuff"

Short and to the point, this song [Plastic Virgin Mary]rocks... i like the crescendo screams at the end of the verses, it really helps to build up the emotion. The bass goes right along with the kick drum to funk thinks up a bit and im digging that. Your production isnt all that awesome but that could be some realplayer degredation talking. still if this is homerecorded you did a great job. If the vocals were more intelligible in the chorus it would help out my understanding of the song - still it does sound good. im sure this will do great in this genre. -

"Plastic Virgin Mary"

That Sounds Great. I like the guitars and bass on this song and the key changes, you guys can play you sound very tight, short song but nice..that chorus its great very loud and original! rock on! -


Singles: Dear Irena and Plastic Virgin Mary
EP, six-track, self-titled ep, august 2003
Ariplay and streaming media: Dear Irena, Sunday, Platic Virgin Mary, Day Drops, Haunted, Out of the Gate


Feeling a bit camera shy


BODHI is a band with no boundaries, delivering nothing but true, energetic rock. The New Brunswick, NJ-based indie/modern rock band Bodhi formed in November 2002. Since then, the band has played at various well-known venues throughout New York, Boston, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Bodhi started as a two-man show with Dan Blumig on lead vocals and Brian Carr on rhythm guitar. Soon after, Anthony Mascolo joined on drums, followed by Bryan Flaherty on bass. With the debut of Bodhi's six-track EP in August 2003, the band has formed a solid fan base in the tri-state area. Bodhi solidified its unique sound with the addition of a second guitarist, Vincent Mascolo, in September 2003. Bodhi is inspired by various artists ranging from The Seeds, Pixies and The Sex Pistols, to The Doors, the Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.