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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Soul


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Bodi @ A.F. Ray's Barcade

Garden City, Colorado, USA

Garden City, Colorado, USA

Bodi @ The Funky Budda Lounge

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

Bodi @ The Palace

Missoula, Montana, USA

Missoula, Montana, USA



"Alexipharmic is a 23-year-old MC with a message. But unlike a good deal of other politically-charged, socially conscious rappers with a message, he speaks with actions over and above his words. On his upcoming tour to promote American Beauty, Alexipharmic will donate 100% of the net proceeds to charity. But wait, there’s more. 50% of American Beauty’s net sales will be donated to charity as well. These are major numbers, folks, and if nothing else, these numbers are a damn good reason to buy the album. In our CREAM-obsessed society, for any artist to donate any portion of their proceeds is rare. But for a relatively unknown “starving artist”-type to do so is not only unheard of, but worthy of the utmost respect.

Moving onto the content, American Beauty is a solid effort from the young MC. The album features topically diverse raps, utterly enjoyable production, and quality guest appearances. Alexipharmic is a bona fide storyteller who attempts to give a voice to the countless stories that go untold in America. The most salient feature of Alexipharmic’s rapping is his emotion. It’s apparent from songs like “Atefah,” “Homecoming,” and “Elephants” that he’s not simply paying lip service when he raps; he’s spitting what he believes.
Nevertheless, it seems that Alexipharmic still has some growing to do as an MC. Whereas one moment he’ll spit a profound, well-structured multisyllabic string of rhymes, the next he’ll spit a tired Kanye-esque rhyme (“Staying up late to watch TGIF on Fridays, watching Urkel on TV made me thank God for Fridays”) or a line lacking breath control. Moreover, some of the songs on the album are comical in their strangeness (“Sex” and “Kings”), and it’s unclear whether or not they’re meant to be. Still, Alexipharmic can hold his own on the mic, and if he continues to elevate his skills, he should be a potent force in years to come.
And even though Alexipharmic does his thing on American Beauty, the star of the album is the production. Although the album features production from five different beatmakers (Budo, MGI, Elliot B, DJ Figure, and Infekt), the beats are so impressively consistent that it genuinely feels like the American Beauty soundscape is the result of one painter’s dexterous brushstroke. The album is full of buoyant, melodious beats that carry the listener from track to track without any unpleasant bumps along the way. If you can get your hands on this album, shell out the spare change that it’ll take you to buy it. Good music plus a good cause? ‘Nuff said." - Vinyl Meltdown

I still remember the first hip hop track I ever heard – The year was 1990. The words “So you’re a philosopher?” opened the track. A response of “Yes” and “I think very deeply” was scratched out on a turntable. Then it hit. The beat in a four-four timing with a heavy bass line became my instant intoxication. Boogie Down Productions were my gateway to a whole new sound; a whole new world that I was entering with open eyes. A desire to fully understand this music, it’s origins and everything it had to offer. I quickly latched on to hip hop and the more I listened, the more I started to understand not only the art of writing rhymes, but more importantly the message that was being presented. A form of true expression. The ability to tell one’s deepest story and have it relate to the struggle of life we all face. I could always see the feeling behind every word that was said, even with being a white boy brought up in a suburban setting. To me that wasn’t important. I also had problems and hip hop became an outlet, helping me understand the issues of others and the ability to tackle my own.

Ok, why the nostalgic relapse? This just makes me realize the true essence of hip hop, which is something we all need nowadays. The business has taken certain elements from the original form and bastardized it so much we are now left with a completely new genre. A catalogue of club songs made up almost entirely of hooks and littered with vocoders, all being produced by the same handful of people. I can’t say I listen to hip hop without someone automatically assuming I mean this commercial garbage. Why do I have to stress that what I listen to is underground and conscious? Hip hop was derived from the underground and brought forth with a conscious message. It’s a shame this isn’t recognized by the masses.

Maybe they don’t get it, but there is a continually growing scene dedicated to the music, the message and the still ever growing struggle with life. I’m reminded of this every day as I find new artists with their own stories. An abundance of talent that lurks beneath the surface of mainstream rap. This became even more apparent with an email I received last week.

Based out of Seattle, Alexipharmic looks to be the epitome of conscious rap, with a selfless approach to spreading his word. He is completely aware of social issues that not only surround him, but the rest of the world and wishes to let it be known the life struggles of all. His most recent album ‘American Beauty’ is a showcase in his attempts to open people’s eyes to the amazing things America has to offer; those things that are all too often clouded with constant force-fed imagery of turmoil and destruction. An awakening to the realities that make up what is often seen as a disgusting nation by others. The very root of America is it’s citizens. Beautiful, heart warming people that, like everyone else, are just trying to make it in this world. A reflection of this is displayed in the front cover, collected images of homeless men and women brought together in a mosaic form depicting the face of America. One of the best album covers I’ve seen in a long time.

His opening track ‘American’ features clips from everyday people interviewed on a thirty state tour, all giving their views on what makes their country, lives, loves, values, downfalls and everything in between. A theme based on what America is and what it can be…. What it needs to overcome. A message that being rich is a full heart, not a bank account. We all have one life, make it yours because in the end we all turn to dust.

As I work my way through the album I begin to get a clear picture of who Alexipharmic is, as a person. He opens his soul with each song; stories of his growth into the man he is today, the affects of losing someone close, sex as a special moment of respect for both parties more than a means to just get off. He helps us to understand life is a series of dreams we all make for ourselves. In order to really live, you must dream. You must have a voice, an opinion and a means to make your vision stronger. To stand for something and use your power to fight for beliefs, a message we have to regain.

A collection of lyrics that really make sense and hit close to home, whether or not a citizen of America. These are messages for humanity. ‘American Beauty’ features a few guest appearances including P.O.S., Cas One, Grynch, Sarah Smalley and Braille. With intense lyrics and production from MGI, Budo, Elliot B, DJ Figure and Infekt, each track grabs your deep inner being and thrusts you into the importance of thought. Although Alexipharmic has prior releases, ‘American Beauty’ is his debut on his label Elephant Memories. He has also let it be known that 50% of all ‘American Beauty’ album sales will go to the Portland based charity Mercy Corps. He is also putting together the American Beauty Tour, which is set for fall, where he has teamed up with the Feed The Children foundation and will donate 100% of the net proceeds to help homeless and underprivileged children across the U.S.

As I said before, this man is truly selfless. With a vision of a better life and world for everyone, we should all take a hold of his message. Alexipharmic is that of what I remember hip hop being. A true form of expression with a message you can not only hear and understand, but also feel. It’s amazing to have these feelings come back…. Gives us hope for the state of music and our state of life. - AW Music


Album: The Fall of Atlas
Release Date: Fall 2012
Features: Fashawn, Emancipator, Jean Grae, FigurE, Kristoff Krane, Sadistik, Lotte Kestner.

Album: Forever is Now
Release Date: 1.24.12

Album: Good Side of Bad 3
Release Date: 10.10.10

Album: Care Bears and Corn Dogs
Release Date: 2.14.10

Album: American Beauty
Release Date: 4.7.09
Features: P.O.S., Budo, Braille, Grynch, Cas One



At 5-years-old, while wearing Cookie Monster pajamas, Bodi found and fell in love with Yo! MTV Raps. He immersed himself in the hip-hop culture immediately. At 12, he discovered Zen Buddhism and realized the larger world around him. He spent his high school years in a small Pacific Northwest town writing volumes of lyrics on the backs of undelivered love notes, and timidly developing his voice by spending countless hours rapping into a video camera in an old coat closet. These years of self-taught solitude molded a man on a mission to grasp his voice, compassion for the world and love of hip hop culture to create music with soul and purpose.

Over the last four years, Bodi has gone from coat closet recordings, to multiple national tours and records with some of hip hop's finest. He has toured with Eyedea, Sweatshop Union, Visionaries, Lightheaded, Kristoff Krane, Cas One, Sadistik, and many Rhymesayers acts, cut records with P.O.S., Eyedea, Emancipator, Budo, Fashawn, Jean Grae, Braille, and shared stages with Macklemore, Mac Lethal, One.Be.Lo, Zion I, and many more. His last full-length LP as Alexipharmic - American Beauty - spent 4 weeks in the top 10 of the CMJ hip hop charts.There's a reason for this rise: a tireless work ethic and drive matched by the talent and artistic integrity to back it up.

While in college studying Philosophy/Screenwriting, Bodi put together the national Save Darfur Tour with many hip-hop heavyweights, got his business license and founded the record label Elephant Memories. Elephant Memories then partnered with Mercy Corps, a global relief organization, wherein 50% of all proceeds benefit charitable causes. He has released a multitude of work with some of the industry’s finest individuals.

Bodi’s genuine sincerity and immense desire to make good on the lessons and love he has been blessed to receive have him hard at work crafting his next album with many of his favorite artists. He hopes to continue in the footsteps of the legends before him who made the music that charged his soul with energy. Bodi has realized, in an all-too-real way, that any day could be his last. But until that time comes, he will be using his passion for hip hop to spread the message of hope, love and redemption because the voiceless should never go unheard.