Bodies Bright

Bodies Bright


Aggressive, up-tempo rock that walks on the dark side, but still manages to emit rays of hope. Our singer's crisp, clean vocals are balanced out by distortion-laden guitars and high energy drumming, providing the foundation for our cut-to-the-chase sound.


The three of us met through mutual friends and although we were hesitant to pursue the endeavor at first, our inaugural jam session wound up birthing five original songs. For awhile we played a completely different style of music with two other band members, but that soon went by the wayside. With just the three of us remaining, we switched gears and went for a more aggressive approach. Nine months later we have an album's worth of songs and are on the cusp of breaking out, big time.


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Set List

The Next Best Thing
Mary Calm Down
Lost In Transit
Hollowed Out
S.B.D. (Sun Beats Down)
Scarlet Eye
Bodies Bright