Vilonia, Arkansas, USA

"Lightning fast guitar solos, meaty rhythm rifts, and a non-stop solid bottom end is what this southern metal power band is all about. Hell bent on assaulting your eardrums and destroying your concept of what modern rock is. BODYDROP is here to conquer the masses and set the world on it's ass..."


BODYDROP is the result of an evolution that began in 1996 with a band you may remeber called Izzy Border Watt (IBW). Core members Adam Brooks and Brad Hodges (then rhythm guitarist) remain with BODYDROP today. In 1997, current BODYDROP lead vocalist, Jon Ward began hanging out with IBW and learning how to play all the IBW songs on guitar. The band played for several years as IBW, but always had problems keeping a drummer, therefore limiting how far IBW could go. IBW faded away in 2000.

In 2001, Brad made the decision to learn how to play the drums, so he purchased a kit a went to work. Adam and Brad played with a couple other folks for a year or two, but nothing ever became serious as those folks were not ready to make the commiments and sacrifices it takes to become a successful band. Meanwhile, Jon Ward had been hanging out the whole time as a loyal fan of whatever Brad and Adam were calling themselves at the time.

Now with a couple years of experience on the kit, Brad was ready to move on. Brad and Adam asked Jon to join them as rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. Tongue-N-Groove (TNG) was born. TNG was very popular with the BOOZEFIGHTERS, playing many gigs for them. They also played several venues in and around Central Arkansas. TNG was doing great until they had one of the fans tell them they drove all the way up Northeast Arkansas to see them play, but it was a totally different Tongue-N-Groove! In 2005, after much debate, disscussion and intensive online research, they changed the name of the band to "BODYDROP."

In early 2007, BODYDROP hit the studio to begin recording. One Hand on the Bottle and Frame of Mind were recorded for demo cd by Blue Chair Studio. Right before they were to record the demo cuts, BODYDROP was without a bass player so former IBW bassist Mike Major stepped in to the studio to record the demo tracks. In the late summer of 2007, BODYDROP returned to Blue Chair studio to record the remaining tracks Sink, Madness, Man of Steel and Wreck the Day to add to the demo tracks to make up the independently released DOGGAUNTLET album. In late 2007, Jon made the decision to put down the guitar and pick up the bass. The result is a SOUTHERN METAL TRIO that is a force to be reckoned with...playing thirty live shows over a years time in Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana.

In 2009, BODYDROP decided to take a hiatus from the "touring" schedule so to speak. They began working intensely on new material they had been coming up with over the past year or so. Also in that time off, BODYDROP had began to record some of the raw track material including Guantlet, Exit Wounds and Feel The Burn. They had also been not so much looking for, but waiting on the right bass player to come along. In March 2009, BODYDROP welcomed in new bassist Nick Abbott. Nick grew up in the area and has seen the band play as IBW, TNG and BODYDROP. In August 2009, BODYDROP returned to Blue Chair Studio to begin recording their next album. "PLAYIN WITH GUNS" which was released on iTunes in 2010.

In March 2011, Nick and BODYDROP parted ways and again, Jon finds himself playing the bass. BODYDROP is now the Southern Metal Power Trio again!


Dogguantlet by BODYDROP
Release Date: 28-Nov-2007
Label: Independent
UPC: 859701493976
Genre: Rock (primary), Alternative (secondary)

1 One Hand On The Bottle (Song ID: USTC80970666)]
2 Frame Of Mind (Song ID: USTC80970673)]
3 Sink (Song ID: USTC80970675)]
4 Madness (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: USTC80970676)]
5 Man Of Steel (Song ID: USTC80970677)
6 Wreck The Day (Song ID: USTC80970678)

Playin' With Guns by BODYDROP
Release Date: 24-Jun-2010
Label: Independent
UPC: 859703996369
Genre: Rock (primary), Heavy Metal (secondary)

1 Follow The Smell (Song ID: USTCG1002640)
2 Asphalt (Song ID: USTCG1002694)
3 Madness (Song ID: USTCG1002701) Remastered
4 Demise Of Me (Song ID: USTCG1002708)
5 What's Our Name (Song ID: USTCG1002713)
6 Frame (Song ID: USTCG1002714)
7 Hard As Hell (Song ID: USTCG1002715)
8 Man Of Steel (Song ID: USTCG1002716) Remastered
9 One Hand On The Bottle (Song ID: USTCG1002717)
10 Die Inside (Song ID: USTCG1002718)
11 Playing With Guns (Song ID: USTCG1002719)
12 Sober (Song ID: USTCG1002720)
13 Feel the Burn (Song ID: USTCG1002722)

BODYDROP's One Hand On The Bottle, Wreck The Day, Demise of Me, and Feel The Burn can be heard on 100.3 THE EDGE in Little Rock, AR

Set List

Genre: Rock (primary), Heavy Metal (secondary)

1 Follow The Smell
2 Asphalt
3 Madness
4 Demise Of Me
5 What's Our Name
6 Frame
7 Hard As Hell
8 Man Of Steel
9 One Hand On The Bottle
10 Die Inside
11 Playing With Guns
12 Sober
13 Feel the Burn
14 Sink
15 Wreck the Day