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Body Politic

Mankato, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Mankato, Minnesota, United States | SELF
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The best kept secret in music


The cost of acquiring a self-titled EP by The Body Politic? Free.
But don’t confuse generosity with poor quality. The band simply wants to reach as many people as possible with their music.
Having been together for about a year, the band — Trent Fast, vocals/guitar, Wes Gad, guitar, Mike Kaduce, drums, and Lou Just, bass — describe their music as death-disco. “Death metal vocals over heavy disco beats,” they say. “It’s somewhat controversial.”

Here’s some more about the band.

Q: Where’d you get your band name?
A: From Gorvidal’s “Decline of the American Empire,” a book Wes bought for $8.95 on like five years ago.

Q: Working on any new material?
A: We’re always working on new material. It’s best to be pushing ourselves and our creativity to places we’ve never been before. We’re very open to experimentation and trying anything at least once — so as to keep things from becoming formulated and stale.
For the past couple of months we’ve been recording what is to be our first full-length record. Hopefully it will be done some time in the fall.

Q: What’s the chemistry like among the bandmates and what effect does that have on your music?
A: As a band, each member is allowed the freedom to play on their own. Everyone has the ability to contribute to each other’s parts.
With that being said, the song writing is mainly handled by Trent and Wes. From there the ideas are brought to Mike, drums are added and structures are decided upon. Finally, we have a full practice with Lou on bass, where we play the new material over and over and over, while he comes up with his bass lines.

Q: Why music? Why not accounting, or car sales?
A: Good question ... I can see it now! Mike would definitely have one. Something like, “EZ Mike’s Certified Pre-Owned Extravaganza” ... or something.

Q: Is your songwriting personal? Political? Satirical?
A: Most songs are about various types of fruit. We’re currently working on a series themed around Polydrupes.

Q: If you cover, who/what do you cover?
A: We wanna cover that song by Nazareth. “Hair Of The Dog” I think it’s called. It’s really unfortunate we haven’t gotten around to learning it yet.

Q: Who are your influences?
A: We’ve got plenty. Bands like Fugazi, Black Flag and the Minutemen all have a huge influence on the way we make music. All the good Minneapolis stuff from years past like the Replacements, Husker Du, maybe a little Suicide Commandos anyone?!?!
Wes likes quite a bit of jazz, stuff like John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, all your classic heavy hitters. Oh yeah, a couple other big ones would be bands like Shellac and the Jesus Lizard. It’s all just good music.

Q: What’s the best place to play in Mankato and why?
A: It’s hard to say. In the past, some of the best shows have just been in basements, for handfuls of people. But it seems like these days people are less willing to put themselves at risk by hosting these types of get-togethers.
There was a house over on Range Street in lower North awhile ago that would put on some of the more interesting shows, but I think the cops have since put a stop to that.
Surprisingly, we’ve had a couple successful shows at the What’s Up Lounge, and there’s a new all ages venue down on Front Street called Stardock, which we’re looking forward to playing in the near future.

Q: What’s a really good night on stage like?
A: The best nights usually end with the audience begging for mercy.

Q: How do you unwind from a show?
A: Mike and Trent watch Minnesota Twins re-runs on FSN-North. Wes listens to Merzbow and Sunn O))). Lou knits sweaters for his grandchildren.

Q: What’s on your iPod?
A: What’s an iPod!?!?

Q: If you made the cover of Rolling Stone, what other bands would you want the writer to compare you with?
A: Probably U2 or the Jonas Brothers. - Amanda Dyslin


Say Uncle 2011



Forming in September 2008, the group originally included Trent on guitar and vocals, Wes Gad on guitar, and Mike Kaduce on drums. Soon enough the group was rounded out by former Shotgun Fiction bassist Lou Just.

Body Politic would go on to record a six song self titled EP, of which 100 copies were dispersed at shows and venues around Minnesota, Fargo, and Wisconsin.

The group eventually decided it was necessary to let go of Lou, and Jake Willaert would take over bass duties reuniting him with his old partner Trent.

Body Politic continued playing shows throughout 2009 and 2010, eventually parting ways with drummer Mike Kaduce in May 2010.

Mike would be replaced with the phenomenal talents of Dylan Steiner and Body Politic continued on as a three piece, with Wes returning to his home in Fargo for a few months.

In October 2010 the band would record what would become their first official full length release "Say Uncle". The album includes many pummeling selections such as "Bones" and "Mega-Tsunami".

Body Politic continued to remain active, playing numerous shows around Mankato, Minneapolis, and the surrounding areas.