Bogdon Vasquaf and his Kitchen of Love

Bogdon Vasquaf and his Kitchen of Love

 Westland, Michigan, USA

We are a modern Jug Band. We perform Black Sabbath songs and Tin Pan Alley songs of the 1920's. We perform stories accompanied by original music too. Scrub Board, Jug, Jaw Harp, Harmonicas, Washtub Bass, assorted noise makers, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, banjos, and a guitar.


We've played coffee houses, small town festivals, The Detroit Music Hall Jazz Cafe, and the bars in Hamtramck MI. We possess the spirit of The Bossa Nova and put it into practice in everything we do.


I was the bassist of Skeleton Crew and Cadillac Kidz. I've always did this side thang to keep my sanity. I am now totally sane.

Set List

we can perform for 3 hours (or more) without taking a break. My fav songs are Fly Me To The Moon, Brother Louie, I Wanna Be Your Dog (bossa nova style), I Am The Walrus, War Pigs (reggae), Sway (m. buble), Helter Skelter (tango groove), Lets Be Natural (the rutles), Spill Wine (animals).