Bogo is an excentric band from Mexico city, explosive fusion of rythms and groove!


Mexico City,2002.-

BLAZKO Scaniglia mets Javier Aka MANIAK at a ciberpunk psychodelic LSD party. They create an essemble of bizarre, Dark Funk, Drum & Bass structures. months later Blazko´s schoolmate OSCAR Loyola joins in (tendencies from Blacksabbath & Jimmy hendrix to Miles Davis & urban mexican music).

An ODD Sound is born!
From Gypsy-folk heavy ROck riffs to esoteric lyrics and sarcastic melodrama accompanied with tribal drums, low end voices, screaming guitars, paranoia and fat funk bass lines.

As time passed by, they split to continue working on different proyects, arts, school, etc.

Bogo gathered and recorded an EP at Oswaldo de León (la Casta) studio. new concepts new ideas come alive.

Bogo plays some live shows and got people´s attention.

With the help of Francisco Sanchez Loaeza, they recorded their first LP "Nuovo Corpo" released with independent label P&P.

"Nuovo Corpo reflects the plurality and diversity of forms that Bogo can be shaped in. Its search for development as young artists and creators, lot of freshness and inovation" B.S.

Live performances since "Nuovo Corpo LP" have brougth a change and evolution on the music they´ve allready written, with "El Cháman" Ludwiko at percussions and effects, ancient prehispanic roots breathes toward the music guide lines.

Bogo released their single " No hay falla" with Video material directed, coproduced and animated by Count Carlos Fabregat, an excentric director from Mexico City well known for his bizarre work. you can look for it @ youtube channel and @



Written By: Blazko Scaniglia

Coca y Champaigne en bandeja de plata
O ¿prefieres darte de la lata?
Mi cabeza es una isla de pudor


Cloroformo y Metanól, que erizo pasón
esta rola no le gusta a mi Doctor
es menester darse unas pillas de Reivnol

...Piece of...

datura Stramonium si quereis llegar hondo
Cruzar los pasillos del pandemonio
¿Cuantas veces haz desgarrado el fondo?


I guess its time to prevent you from my deamons
i guess its time to prevent you from my...

Cacha un kuako y ORALE
Cacha un kuako y PICATE
Cacha un kuako y perdiete, fundete, MUERETE!

No hay Falla

Written By: Blazko Scaniglia

No hay falla
sientate y come

Come del PAY!

Figaro en Si
Figaro en FA

Figaro en Si
Figaro en FA

Come nuestro PAY!


1.- BOGO EP (not available)

2.- Nuovo Corpo

Single "No hay falla"

Set List

6 selected songs from the LP "nuovo corpo" with an encore of two more songs, include live jamming..

Sets last around 40 to 90 minutes