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"Indestructible BOGO"

What´s happening in Mexican Rock?

Some times more than we could believe.

I remember the time i went to a Bogo Show. When they arrive to the stage, i saw a Priest praying to the public, an introspective guitar player with a dress and a tremendous big nose mask, and then an almost naked bassplayer, who happens to be the vocalist and no doubt, a unique frontman who starts the ritual.
Want more? What about a mexican Indian Chamán doing Percussions.

I don´t exactly remember what happened next, i just know i shit my pants right there. Bogo has a dark sound, heavy and exotic. Unpredictable structures that go from progressive rock to tribal singing and latin style. An esoteric image and a cool visual and audio treatment. More than that, it has first level musicians developing one of the trippiest proposal on Mexico City.

November 2008 - GRITA RADIO. Luis Cleriga

"Pura buena onda BOGO"

Formed on 2002, in a rave party when Blazko Scaniglia (bass, vocals) and "Maniak" Javier de la peza (drums, midi) met under the influence of hard drugs. Oscar Loyola friend of high school with Blazko joined them months after.
"We were on the same format" oscar explains, "there was a creative complicity".

The idea of Bogo was simple, music withouth attachments, freedom, no restrictions, trying to play anything and everything;

Bogo = GOD, in the nasdat language created by Anthony Burgess in "Clockwork Orange"

Blazko.-"I think the name represents our uncontrolable Ego, because of the drugs we were taking, but we also wanted to be more than other concepts so attached to the people" .

Maniak.- "Everything can be done on Bogo, its an eclectic statement"

And yes it it, nuovo Corpo, their first LP combines lots of styles, for some people imposible to be in a same song..Some of the tracks remind me of brujeería, Gogol Bordelo all with a touch a acid humor.

Maniak.-"We can sound like Cibersalsa, it depends on the mood"

Bogo sounds like everything and nothing, with influences that goes from contractualism of Rousseau to mexican reallity going through Hendrix and Kerouak; this "chilanga" band is doing what everyone else dont want to, "to loose fear on music being music" ¿Are they the future of performance rock? - Indie ROcks (stevie)

"Shared Madness"

Mike Patton, former Faith No More singer, said “the one that cannot laugh of himself is lost”.

If you listen to Bogo, it seems his phrase takes sense in their philosophy, since satire is the engine that feeds this 5 headed monster. Bogo prefers calling it “a malevolent cynicism”.

With this disrespect and irony Blazko Scaniglia, Maniak, Oscar Loyola, Chamán Ludwiko and Count Fabregat invite the public to this " shared madness ", same that have taken form in the video of their simple graduate " No hay falla ", Premiere coming 27 February 2009 at Hard Rock Live, Mexico City.

What place occupies the madness in your music?

- Blazko: It is a wicked, malevolent cynicism, we joke of things, it is violent. Many of the things we do is a part of this statement.
- Maniak: The good humor, the mocking of things is the best transport, to be able to break with solemnity and honor. elegance also redide in the ridiculous things.

Is art catalogued as resistance?

- Oscar: people force you to form a part of something, they are labelling us, everyone try to explain the things and theorize too much. The art is a resistance because we escape of all this, to be able to continue having our process intact.

Many bands desire the status of " band of worship " it is the case with you?

- Blazko: As musicians we want to achieve success, and the best thing would be to be able to live of this stuff. I am not saying that we want to be the super-mainstream band, we built ideas for the world to listen to that.
- El UNIVERSAL, Natalia Cano


1.- BOGO EP (not available)

2.- Nuovo Corpo

Single "No hay falla"



Mexico City,2002.-

BLAZKO Scaniglia mets Javier Aka MANIAK at a ciberpunk psychodelic LSD party. They create an essemble of bizarre, Dark Funk, Drum & Bass structures. months later Blazko´s schoolmate OSCAR Loyola joins in (tendencies from Blacksabbath & Jimmy hendrix to Miles Davis & urban mexican music).

An ODD Sound is born!
From Gypsy-folk heavy ROck riffs to esoteric lyrics and sarcastic melodrama accompanied with tribal drums, low end voices, screaming guitars, paranoia and fat funk bass lines.

As time passed by, they split to continue working on different proyects, arts, school, etc.

Bogo gathered and recorded an EP at Oswaldo de León (la Casta) studio. new concepts new ideas come alive.

Bogo plays some live shows and got people´s attention.

With the help of Francisco Sanchez Loaeza, they recorded their first LP "Nuovo Corpo" released with independent label P&P.

"Nuovo Corpo reflects the plurality and diversity of forms that Bogo can be shaped in. Its search for development as young artists and creators, lot of freshness and inovation" B.S.

Live performances since "Nuovo Corpo LP" have brougth a change and evolution on the music they´ve allready written, with "El Cháman" Ludwiko at percussions and effects, ancient prehispanic roots breathes toward the music guide lines.

Bogo released their single " No hay falla" with Video material directed, coproduced and animated by Count Carlos Fabregat, an excentric director from Mexico City well known for his bizarre work. you can look for it @ youtube channel and @