BOGOTITO cross and defeat the time using pop from 70' s and jazz from 50's. All instruments use in this project serve voices whiches are the fondation of this univers.

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Cover band: 


Demo 6 songs in october 2007

Set List

Set List

1. What’s the news? Part 1
Intro speaker radio

2. Don’t kill the engine

3. Mr P
Start on sample radio
Chorus guitar on bridge / Chorus Sax on return on Bb

4. Melting wheels
Star on sample Xylo

5. No Time to Run
Start on sample “le temps”

6. Deleted

7. Baby Watch
Start after message
After chorus voice, 4/4, chorus sax

8. When D comes T

9. Music Spirit
Ben guest

10. I’ll be here
After bridge Sax Chorus

11. You can’t run away
Sax melo

12. Beautiful Groove
Sax Chorus

13. What’s the news? Part 2
Sax Chorus