Bogs Visionary Orchestra

Bogs Visionary Orchestra


Bogs Visionary Orchestra’s music can be described simplest as Weird folk. Their sound and look convey the childlike wonder of outsider art, Psychedelic folk and depression era Americana.


Bogs Visionary Orchestra is known for their sprawling and jubilant around-NYC performances. Their imaginative and artful approach to live shows which include elements of installation and audience collaboration has won them audiences at alternative and mainstream venues including The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of Art, CBGB’s and The Bitter End. BVO has shared the stage with fellow Indie folksters Brother Danielson and Sufjan Stevens as well as inclusion on Asthmatic Kitty’s “Mews Too” Compilation, which also featured My Brightest Diamond, Half-Handed Cloud and the Castanets. BVO’s first album “Recession Special” reached #5 on Michigan’s, WMTU ’s top 20 for Americana/AAA format, as well as airplay on WTJU 91.1FM VA and WFMU 91.1FM NJ (With two in studio performances on Trash, Twang & Thunder). Their second album “Maladroits Union” was reviewed by indie music site The Hippodrome with a featured interview. BVO’s most recent release “Mean Old World” received positive coverage in The San Diego Entertainer,, & Soul-Audio. You can find Bogs Visionary Orchestra’s music on all major digital distribution sites including Amazon and Itunes. Led by simple arrangements, memorable lyrics and peculiar vocals Bogs Visionary Orchestra’s motto always rings true, “Art is for folks!”
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Maladroits Union

Written By: Alex Talavera

There's something I'd like to say
But not in some special way
Your welcome to say ok
Your welcome to say no way
Won't you join the Maladroit's Union

There's nothing really wrong with you
And yes we believe its true
Be careful not to shine your shoes
Or mingle with the who's who

What we get we dont deserve
In the eyes of those who chose
But we believe in our own worth
In imperfections radiant truth

Join the Maladroit's Union
Won't you join, please won't you join
Join the maladroits union
Today, today, today, today

Won't you join our union
Won't you join our union
Won't you join our union now, now
Won't you join our union
Won't you join our union
Won't you join our union now, now

Angels guard the maladroit union
Gods in love with the maladroits union
We are one in the maladroits union

We are birds with broken wings
Stop to hear us when we sing


2009 "Mean Old World"
2007 "Maladroits Union"
2006 Mews Too: An Asthmatic Kitty's Compilation, "Everybody's Broken"
2003 "Recession Special"

Set List

BVO can play a 45 -120 min. set.

The Infinite Possibilities
Can’t Stop Wearin’ A Gun
Just For Me
Dry Bones
Rats in the Alley
Maladroits Union
Finding My Way
Times Are Hard
This World
Love Song in A Major
Come Go With Me