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While You Slept - [2012] -
X Years - [2013] -



Bohan Phoenix was born in 1992 in a small town of Hubei, China. His father was out of his life before his birth and so his mother was forced to leave him under the care of his grandparents while she was working in the cities. In 2000 his mother found a job in the States and so in 2003 Bohan moved to Boston to live with his mother and his soon to be stepfather Paul – who is anything but Chinese – a 53 year old Swedish man who spent his life without a family, traveling the country. Learning English and making new friends were definitely challenging tasks for Bohan, and in 2004 after receiving the news of the death of his beloved grandmother, Bohan wanted nothing but to return home to China and live with his grandfather and the rest of his family. But in 2005 everything would change, as he watched in amazement as Eminem share his own stories through the Oscar winning “8 Mile”. Transfixed by the music and its ability to narrate life through lyrics, Bohan was determined to have his stories be heard by the world, determined to provide a fulfilling life for his family, and soon before he was even able to write a well thought out essay for school, Bohan found himself in the process of memorizing dictionaries and rapping full rap songs in front of his bedroom mirror, water bottle in hand as if it was a microphone.To pursue his dreams further, Bohan applied and got accepted into NYU in 2010, and thus was able to move to the city where hiphop originated. Since then, he has released two selfrecorded mixtapes and has performed all over New York City at venues like the legendary Apollo Theatre of Harlem, the ING New York City Marathon, and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe. With dreams of eventually taking his music back to China and show that besides business exchanges, China and the U.S indeed have a lot to exchange in terms of their cultures, Bohan is rapping in Chinese as well as English on his latest project –Bohan Phoenix – X Years [Ten Years], briefly summing up his experiences of living ten years in China and ten years in the States. With more music on the way and much more to learn and grow, Bohan Phoenix is definitely one artist that is worthy of following, living by his idea of “lovelove”, that is not love repeated, but to actually love, love. Because if you don’t love the act of loving and being compassionate, loving yourself and loving anyone else becomes a burden. Hoping to change the world one rhyme at a time, Bohan Phoenix will not