Bohemian Bottom Orchestra

Bohemian Bottom Orchestra


Bohemian Bottom Orchestra is a rising Jam Band from Pittsburgh. Their creativity and originality are obvious in everythign they do. The Song writing and performances of this Band are quite an experience, sucking in anyone and everyone who enjoys music.


Have you ever seen an entire crowd raging from ages 13-60 instantly start dancing to the music of teenagers? This is the kindof experience that consumes you at a Bohemian Bottom Orchestra show. The band has a wide variety of influences and fuses them all together to create one multi-genre musical machine. Influenced by artists such as Medeski Martin and Wood, John Scofield, and Traffic, BBO combines this groove based Jazz with catchy funk influenced by Sly and The Family Stone, The Meters, and Motown. Then when you think you have the band figured out the begin to play Latin and Bossa Nova type rythms influenced by World Music. This truly multifaceted band leaves each crowd excited and wanting more. The two founding members of the band (Evan and Brenden) have been playing together for over 4 years. They along with the other two have a chemistry thats truly special. Instatenous jams frequently emurge in a set. Quickly each member adapts and locks in to take the audience in a completely new unplanned direction.


My Bottom-Ep

Set List

Dirty Birdy-uptempo orginal funk song with pop flare
Night Jam-complex acid jazz compesition
I want you Back- Jackson 5 cover
Wash Away- Bossa Nova with creative interweaving melodies
To the Show(Skies are Blue)- a two part jazz song that goes from a waltz to bebop
Rock Racoon-Funky Beatles cover