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Boi Akih (Princesse Akih) est un duo batave composé de la subtile vocaliste d'origine indonesienne Monica Akihary et du guitariste acoustique Niels Brouwer, qui fait preuve de réelle finesse rythmique. Leur musique, exotique et originale, se situe aux confins du jazz, du new age, du classique éuropéen, du gamelan et du carnatique indien. Monica possède une voix remarquable aux registres variés et chante les intrigantes compositions de son partnaire dans la langue hareku, idiome en voie de disparition de l'ile de l'Archipel des Moluques, dont proviennent ses ancetres. Une musique pas toujours facile d'accès mais d'un charme et d'une savuer indéniables qui parle à l'ame et au coeur. - Mondomix


Boi Akih - Yalelol: Enja Records 2007
Boi Akih - Lagu Lagu : BOI AKIH- 2005
Boi AkihI - Uwa i :Enja Records 2004
Monica Akihary - Above the Clouds, Among the Roots: A-Records 2000
Boi Akih - Boi Akih :Invitation Records/EMI1997



Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer have the tendency to describe their music as folk music, in the sense Thelonious Monk had in mind when he explained Bob Dylan “ we all play folk music”. Boi Akih creates its own vibrating universe. Whereas Monica’s heritage is Moluccan (Indonesia) as Niels is Dutch, the music of Boi Akih is a prism of various roots and rays where colours and sounds come together within a strong compositions foundation along improvisational passways. They dig into undercurrents and expand the bounds of traditions they meet such that these melt together.
Born in the Netherlands of Moluccan origin, Monica Akihary has studied at the School of Fine Art in Amsterdam and the Arts Academy in Yogyakarta, in Indonesia. She prefers singing in her father's mother tongue, the language of Haruku Island. It is a language of soft vowels and melodic syllables that perfectly fit with her dark, warm voice and improvisational approach and give the singer "so much more freedom in musical expression.
Monica Akihary's dazzling voice leads us into a new and still developing world of subtle feelings and glowing colors. She is an exceptional vocalist who sends her song directly into the listener's soul. In Business Day, Gwen Ansell wrote: "Vocalist, not singer, is the best term for Akihary: her voice swings sweetly – but also soars and swoops, scats and whispers."
Niels and Monica have integrated the Haruku language into their very own musical style rooted in Indonesian (Gamelan, Javanese), South Indian and European classical music along with jazz. It is an exotic amalgam spiced with Indian rhythms and lively improvisation, "a curious mix of jazz", as Monica says, "a new kind of jazz if you like."
For the trio setting, Monica and Niels teamed up with Indian tabla master Sandip Bhattacharya from Benares, known for his work with Mari Boine (Gambi Zor), Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ravi Shankar (Kora Colours). His contribution is not just adding flavour, but blend in splendidly, without failing to spice up the mix of instrumental virtuosity, charming melodies, refined textures and those certain exotic grooves that may remind the listener (among other things) of Indian music.
An unlikely combination of technical skills and thrilling melodies, Boi Akih playfully connects the simple with the complex, thus creating a unity both deeply felt and daringly innovative.