Hard progressive rock that ranges from the meditative and almost fragile ballad to grandiose and progressive in-your-face rock songs.

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Gateway music
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Written By: Stig Nielsen

Turn it all the wrong way round
And a rope down from the ceiling is a flower on the ground
Over-dissected all thoughts are rejected, I’m bound

Systematizing sound
So we can say a lot of idle words and claim we’re unbound
An endless line of vessels all heading for the anchorage ground

Full of sound and fury, but the voices always end up half drowned
Anticipating nothing more, we’re bound

Analyze and expound
Schematize, aggrandize, fuck up, and confound
The paraphernalia of raising our hands from the ground

‘Tired, sick, and alone’ is our common ground
All that’s free is bound
Words pulling us in, chasing us down
If we’re free we’re bound


"Vessel" cd 2007. Gateway Music
"promo 2005"
"demo 2004"

Set List

A normal set is around 45min but we can play over an hour if required. We only do one cover song: Bob Dylan's "Masters Of War".
Our setlist varies from time to time, to keep it fresh, but we mainly play songs from our debut album "Vessel".