Bokonon, the seven piece band that brings a completely new sound to music today. A delicate mix of creative rhythms, impassioned melodies, and complex harmonies, Bokonon has embarked upon a journey to change the perception of modern American music.


Bokonon, the Denver-based seven-piece rock group, offers an original take on instrumental music by combining elements of rock, jazz, classical, world, jam, and electronic music to create a complex powerhouse of sound.

Drawing from the influences of artists such as Phish, Frank Zappa, and Tool, Bokonon pushes the limits of progressive music with its eclectic sounds, intense arrangements, and mind-warping melodies.

Bokonon formed in the fall of 2008 and released their debut EP (self-titled) to the public in the spring of 2009 for free download. Since then, Bokonon has been busy carving out a respected niche in the Colorado music scene and has already shared the stage with bands such as Savoy and Clipse.

Production for a full-length compact disc is currently underway with a release date in the spring of 2010. The album will also be available in a 5.1 surround sound DVD with accompanying visual art narrative video. The new album will feature lengthier symphonic forms and numerous guest artists. The album promises to be a step forward in the evolution of Bokonon’s sound.


- - Bokonon EP - -

--Coming Soon in 2010--

- - Radiation Defect - -

Set List

ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL. Bokonon can play hours on end....all original material and much improvisation that can stretch and entertain for as long as the venue needs. Bokonon will capture the audience with it's unique sound and complete originality.