Boldly Goin' Nowhere

Boldly Goin' Nowhere


Boldly Goin’ Nowhere are a four piece rock band who came together in 2008.


Boldly Goin’ Nowhere are boldly goin’ to the top

Boldly Goin’ Nowhere are an exciting new four piece rock band from the South East of England comprising of Ben Hampshire - vocals guitar, Mike Robertson - guitar vocals, Max Ayton - drums and Baz Foster – bass, vocals who came together in through their love of Americana rock.

Mike, Ben, Max formed Boldly Goin’ Nowhere in 2007 while they were at the Guildford Academy of Contemporary Music. In the summer of 2007, BGN played at a festival on a farm near the South Coast where they met Baz who joined them on bass and the circle was complete.

All four lads are driven and have the same aspirations about their music and life. Not settling for second hand kit, they wanted instruments that would become part of their personality, so Joshua J Macrea teamed them up with Steve Prior, guitar tech to the guitar Gods ( Jeff Beck, Brian May & many more ), to get them kitted out with quality axes.


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