Bolivian Search Party

Bolivian Search Party

 Gainesville, Georgia, USA

Indie Rock's next king is what Bolivian Search Party strives to be. Loud Guitars, electrifying synths, and a stage presence that commands attention, Bolivian Search Party is on the scene and wont quit until the world knows who we are.


The sound of indie rock and alternative music has captured the hearts and ears of people for years and always manages to renew itself to stay fresh and relevant. From the post punk sound of Boy era U2 and the new wave quirkiness of the Talking Heads all the way up to the catchy sounds of Modest Mouse and the Killers, this music has continuously evolved and found success and that's where Bolivian Search Party comes in. Building on influences from bands like these, Bolivian Search Party looks to be the next band to take the world by storm. Their anthemic songs are destined to fill arenas one day and captivate an audience that's craving the next new sound.
Formed in November 2009 they have developed a tight, energizing stage presence playing house shows and Atlanta clubs like the Masquerade, the Apache Cafe and Swayzes. In that time they have shared the stage with bands like General Bye Bye, The Gay Blades, Alias Punch and Wire Method. They also released a self produced e.p titled “Lesser People” in 2010 which was called "..probably one of the strongest selfwritten/produced/recorded/mixed EP’s I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this year.." by The Unsigned Find music blog. Later that year they recorded the “Smoke and Mirrors” single with Jesse Kelley and Griffith Butler at The Atlanta Institute of Music's studio.
The three members, Joshua Snead (vocals and keyboards) , David Tabor (Guitar and Keyboards) and Logan Parker (Drums) play big music and have even bigger dreams. Through hard work and devotion Bolivian Search Party will bring their music, their passion, to the world.


Lesser People

Written By: Bolivian Search Party

Confide in me
Try to believe

Confide in me
Try to believe

We've got so much further to go
Just take it easy take it slow

We grow and grow and grow
and get older
and then we're just another unknown

You are what I need
Try to believe

You are what I need
Please don't disagree

And I know I've never been here before
And I wonder what could be in store

It goes on and on and on
And for all I know
I could be wrong

I don't really know where I'm going
And I don't really know what to do.

Bear on a Bicycle

Written By: Bolivian Search Party

Under this canvas
my days have come to a rest
and what I did best went dry
it couldn't stand the test
The audience ran threw a quater in the can by my side
and then they walked away like they'd seen a thousand times before

I never felt this old
I never felt this out in the cold
I never was keen on leaving that world
I never was ready to travel this road

In my days of old they would leave my act wide eyed
and I knew that I had touched their soul and it filled me with pride
But now nobody cares and no one understands
The dusty pictures of my throne and the traveling acts I did call home

I never was keen on leaving that world
I never was ready to travel this road

Take it All

Written By: Bolivian Search Party

Hold me above the fire
I can wait for a little while
See this head can take it all
It's learned that you have to take some falls

Pull me up I've taken a punch
they tear me down and I can't touched them
I've just learned to take it all

Oh my friend and how they rushed her
walls surrounded left her unsure
now she's learned to take it all

Hold me above the fire
I can wait for a little while
See this head can take it all
It's learned that you have to take some falls

Take me down to solid ground
cause I've been searching all around
the distance is to great for me

I know this well i know this feeling
something in me is always needing
take me another side

Smoke and Mirrors

Written By: Bolivian Search Party

What's it mean
When it's supposed to mean something
But doesn't mean a thing
to me anymore

It's like running out of places
Running out of things
That harness that energy
That ecstasy in being

and I'm running out this door
to embrace this world
and I don't have a clue
where it is that I'm supposed to go

It's like I'm gonna see myself
In a Mirror one day
The reflection of a man that I thought
I'd never be

Oh and the smoke and the mirrors
and the backstage door
They don't fool this kid anymore

and I can't ignore what goes down anymore
Because these actions and reactions
Steal the show
Oh I know


Lesser People EP
Smoke and Mirrors Single

Set List

This setlist differs between gigs but these are all of the songs we are currently playing live.

Smoke and Mirrors
Take It All
Stuck in the Middle
More Than Enough
Lesser People
Not Today