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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF
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"Bolt Action, my EYE ON YOU article"

This band is currently playing in Louisville, KY. If you’re in the area come on out to Wick’s Pizza at Goose Creek this Saturday, June 12th at 9pm – flier to follow article.

Sometimes I come across bands that are so awesome and busy that they don’t have time for an interview right away. Sometimes I come across bands that are just starting out that just sound awesome. This section features such bands.

Let me tell you about a band from Louisville, KY that flat out rocks. They are called BOLT ACTION and I decided to accept an invite by their super cool Manager, Terry Rush, to check out a rehearsal and I nearly soiled myself. Sure, Terry is very well respected and liked in Louisville but I had to hear it to believe it.
Bolt Action is a cover band that is putting final touches on their original music. They nailed a variety of cover songs not normally done. Troy nailed the singing of “Annie Are You OK” and Soundgarden’s “Mailman” which is a sure sign of great talent. How many singers do you know can get Chris Cornell sound out of their vocal chords and not cry? Then he changed it up with some perfectly cloned Rage Against the Machine and busted out Zeppelin. Impressive.

Next, I couldn’t help but notice Kyle busting out the drums in fashion that dropped my jaw. He made his 5 piece set sound like something Jeremy Hummel or Matt Cameron would play. Drummers are usually entertaining to watch if they’re more than just rhythm but something about the passion that young Kyle had was incredible. In fact, I think he went into another dimension while he played.

Lead guitarist Jimmy was smoking out leads that were, to me, too impressive for an 18 year old. Just imagine what he’ll be like in the years to come. He gets compared to Jimmy Page and although it seems to be in a joking manner because of his name I will go as far as to say this simple joke may very well someday be the truth!

Joey smoked the bass right along with Jimmy and was as natural playing the bass as sleeping is to someone with narcolepsy. Even more impressive was the bass riffs during the original music. Then he busts out some lead vocals and suddenly he is two different people in one.

Then I was privileged to be one of the first to hear a couple of their original tunes and obviously, it impressed me enough to write this about them. When BOLT ACTION is ready to have their original music reviewed you will read about it here in Alternative Revolt. Although their singer, Troy, is 3 months with the band you can hear some covers on their website at but it barely gives them justice in the humble, intelligence, and focused department. This band will be an inspiration on how to do things the right way. Just wait and see. In the meantime: BOLT ACTION, I have an EYE ON YOU!
Daniel C. Morrison
- Hit Man

Bolt Action is:
Jimi Rush, Joey Rush, Kyle Haywood and Troy Mercer!


“This is a very special event for us . . . we’ve teamed up with a recording studio that will be helping us to cut a live show recording and there’s gonna be press coverage of the show – so we’re asking our great fans to come out and support us again – scream your heads off and make sure to bring the whole family – PIZZA – BEER – ROCK! . . . We’ll be releasing several songs from our new CD that is in production now. You’ll be the first to hear our originals and also have an opportunity to sign up for a FREE CD of the show,” Troy Mercer.

Wick’s Pizza – Goose Creek
2927 Goose Creek Road
Louisville, KY 40241

WE PROMISE TO ROCK YOU! - MAFIA CONNECTIONS: Date : June 9th, 2010 Music, Rising Stars Author : The Hit Man/Daniel Morrison

"Live Review of Bolt Action"

Live review of Bolt Action

June 13th, 2010 - The Hit Man

Yes, you know I bragged about them in the EYE ON YOU article but I got a chance to see these boys in action. Wow!

Cover bands are a dime a dozen and I truly enjoy original music but even good quality original music is hard to enjoy, I have found, in half of what I listen to. So why do I like Bolt Action so much live?

Bolt Action delivers the showmanship, especially their drummer Kyle. It’s like he’s an octopus or something the way he handles those drums. You’d think he had a 20 piece set. The guy can play nearly 2 hours without stopping longer than a few seconds. And that includes Foo Fighters covers and an incredibly lengthy and entertaining drum solo. I have a new favorite drummer I think.

Jimmy is excellent on guitar having to play both rhythm and lead. I’d like to see what this guy can do if a rhythm guitarist freed him up. He absolutely smokes the leads and doesn’t have to rely on the “safe zone” on the neck of the guitar. He can go all over the place. Very nice!

Troy busts out the vocals with an uncanny resemblance to Chris Cornell and spot on Rage Against the Machine and The Muse. This makes songs like “Man in the Box” and “So Cold” feel a little out of place but enjoyable just the same. His sense of humor makes the transition from song to song even more enjoyable.

As flashy as they are I implore people to pay more attention to Joey, the bass player. He absolutely rolls that bass like a mad man. Even his bass solo is a treat and he uses fingers instead of a guitar pic. I would not want to get flicked by this guy.

It was an honor to see them play for a show that was recorded live for fans who join their mailing list. Head over now to and see for yourself. Find details on how to help them open for Kiss next month as well which I think they deserve.

All in all, I give these boys an A. If it wasn’t for showmanship and being real tight they wouldn’t have scored as much. Their originals are very original and I believe once they go the original route people will find that they truly do have a style all their own.

Daniel C. Morrison
- Hit Man - - The Hit Man - Daniel Morrision


Please visit the link and vote for BOLT ACTION - use this Zip Code 45202 when asked.

Thanks! -


BOLT ACTION is in the studio working it out.



Thanks for viewing our EPK! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this bio - for BOLT ACTION FAN ACCESS - sign up and get news and special announcements and deals on BOLT ACTION swag, as well as CONTEST DEALS.

BOLT ACTION plays clubs, private parties and special events, as well as scheduled-booked shows in local and regional venues. They have full gig gear and even a generator to play remote outdoor venues.

Crafting their playing skills continues to be an on-going mission. While Rock & Roll will always be in the band's roots, they are quickly forming their own styles as they experiment with Jazz and Blues.

"It's awesome to just get together and jam - we've laid down some solid tracks for new songs," Jimi - Vocals & Lead Guitar.

Brothers - Joey and Jimi formed the band and have brought together a solid team of players and support staff that continues to push the band forward.

"Having our own studio with our own recording gear is a real help. We have so many great people supporting us from New York to California - we have a lot to be thankful for," Joey - Bass Guitar/Vocals.

For additional information about BOLT ACTION and BOOKING SCHEDULES, please contact: Terry 502-836-8137.

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Thanks for visiting our site and don't forget to sign up for FANS OF BOLT ACTION - GET ACCESS TO INFORMATION, SPECIALS & GEAR. Check out our Calendar to see where BOLT ACTION is playing - we would love to play for you - contact us for your events or private parties! WE WILL ROCK YOU!