We play hardcore punk with occasional bursts of reggae influence (We are not a ska band). Our lyrics address social change, progressive mobilization, and PBR.


Bolth's music is celebration & mobilization of the progressive underdog. This band is a testament to the DIY ethic. It's as simple as that, and it's played in the key of hardcore punk (with an occasional reggae chaser).


Bolth formed in December of 2003, playing fast punk with reggae breaks. We wanted to play music that contradicted the metalcore-saturated local scene. We named ourselves “Bolth” as a parody of how people pronounce "both." We didn't put much time into the band name, but the hell with it.


We began playing shows on January 31st, just over a month after we completed our lineup. In March, we started giving away our homemade two-song "appetizer" CD. This demo helped us make friends in the local scene, and we spent the next eight months performing all over Indiana. Our live show got the attention of Wayne Bertsch who works at the local publication, Nuvo. He featured Bolth in his comic strip, Barfly, and later named us the “Best New Local Band” in his 2004 Barfly Awards.

In November, we released our first full-length, "ten shakes of a lamb's tail." The title is a play on the phrase "two shakes of a lamb's tail" implying that the CD progresses quickly with its ten punk-sized songs. The recording and the artwork was created entirely by the band.


With the CD out, we took the opportunity to reinvent our sound. The lyrics became more confrontional, the punk rock became more hardcore, and the reggae became more integrated and occasional.

In January, Purdue University’s newspaper, The Exponent, ran a story about a Bolth show. This helped us get us a showcase in the 2005 Midwest Music Summit.

We went out on a short summer tour, circling the midwest. When we got home, we began playing lots of bar shows since our audience had primarily been younger. We also began writing more songs, personalizing our style.


By now, our audience had grown, and our hometown all-ages shows were drawing over a hundred people. We played with bands such as Peelander-Z, and Gito Gito Hustler. In late May, we'll be playing with Sloppy Seconds, and our new ful-length will be out in July. Then we're headed out for another summer tour.


Flying cars!


Thank You

Written By: J.S.

this song is a testament to the only sense of peace i've found

ironically it's gotta be chaotic and fucking loud

i'd never trade anything in the world for the times that we had together

i'll drive these interstates to see things eye to eye

and now i've got something to say to you

this song is a testament to the only sense of peace i've found

ironically it's gotta be chaotic and underground

i've never slept as well as i did on the couches and floors you offered

there is no substitute for your hospitality

and now i've got something to say

i want to thank you all, i want to shake your hand

for all the miles and the sweat and the time that you spent to support our band

all the miles and all the sweat

i won't forget about the time you spent

American Idoless

Written By: J.S.

who can you idolize

who should you ridicule

who's gonna sing the most predictable

if you believe there's a right way to sing, you missed the point

like a bird trying to swim with it's wings, you missed the fucking point

sing other people's songs for the screaming fans

it's a sad supply for a sadder demand

sing other people's songs for your screaming fans

give me a six pack, a basement, and punk rock bands

can't buy integrity by singing karaoke

don't want executives that tell us how to sing

if you believe there's a right way to sing, you missed the point like a bird tryin to swim with its wings

we are the untrained voice of the american idoless

Fuck The Monon Trail

Written By: J.S.

drivin to work on the 116th

drivin to work and what do i see

it's the monon and people are stopping

just so someone can continue walking

this is why i am like "fuck the monon"

oh yeah, there's the bright flashing lights

that make it harder to see things at night

why'd they build it across all the main roads

why'd they build it at all (i do not know)

this is why i am like "fuck the monon trail"


Appetizer EP (2004)
Ten Shakes Of A Lamb's Tail (2005)
Free Promo EP (2006)

We had an hour long show about our band on a local high school radio station, and our track, "American Idoless," is played on another local high school station.

Set List

Intro - Sheep In Wolves' Clothing

Fuck The Monon Trail
Coming Home

Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)
Raise A Glass

Just What We Need
Summer Of Nicotine
American Idoless

Thank You
Somalian Food Fight

The Time Is Gone
Interlude (from The Wall)