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Coming of age in the boogie-down Bronx, the official birth place of Hip Hop, Rodney “Bomani (pronounced Bo-mon-ee)” Patterson rapped to survive. Influenced by old school street poets like KRS-1 and Kool Moe Dee, Bomani picked up the Mic at the age of 12 and started battling local MCs in the Tremont section of the Bronx. After forming a group called the Bad Brothers 3, (“BB3”), the burgeoning word-smith, along with his new formed crew, started challenging other local MCs for turf supremacy. While in high school, however, life dealt the young rapper an unsuspected blow when his parents separated, forcing him to leave his beloved Bronx community for residency in the Inwood section of Manhattan.

It was during this turbulent time that Bomani met his future wife Katrina, a Christ-centered sister, who introduced him to the Lord. Once he gave his life to Christ and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, his focus and priorities changed. Yet, the taste of rapping lingered inside. As a newborn child in Christ, Bomani no longer desired to battle and slay MCs, but he felt a calling to use his talent, somehow, so he began writing Christian rap.

Today, with the Spirit of the Most High inside of him and walking beside him, Bomani is taking holy Hip Hop to another level. His insightful lyrics and pristine production raises the bar of the emerging genre with head-bopping tracks and thought-provoking rhymes. The rap-warrior (the meaning of his chosen MC handle) glides across hard hitting beats with lyrical precision, articulating redemption, and life renewed through Christ.

Tracks like “Transformed” thoughtfully express the born-again rapper’s commitment to being a relentless warrior in God’s righteous army. Bomani lays down the gauntlet and goes to battle with a steady impacting flow, proclaiming victory for the Most High as he spits deadly venom, warning haters not to “get it twisted, Christ has me lifted…” and affirming that by “renewing your mind, you (too) can be transformed.”

On the old school track “C.O.O.L. (Children Of Our Lord) Kids Anthem,” Bomani steps back to the future with an inspirational call and response praise that instills obedience, submission, and trust in the Lord. “I know that if He test(s) me, it’s so He can bless me.” Bomani reflexes as he professes how “Life is really great, but He’s (our God) making it better.”

Other notable tracks include “You Don’t Understand,” which speaks about the enslavement of hate and how it can entrap and destroy a person. “As a black man, I was angry at the world,” Bomani recalls. “I didn’t like anybody, but the Lord changed all that.” On “Climbing the Gates of Hell,” the title-track for his forthcoming CD, Bomani preaches the gospel through rap, as he warns industry heads to repent.

Packing faith-based lyrical ingenuity and committed to honoring and uplifting the Kingdom, Bomani is on a mission to impact the rap industry as a fearless rap-warrior for God’s righteous army.


Cool Kids Anthem

Written By: Bomani

Hook: Are you a Cool Kid?
How would I know?
You can tell that I'm a Cool Kid by the way that I flow.

What do you mean by flow, I think I should know?

It means that I obey the Lord wherever I go.

I'm a C to tha double O, L K I D
a Child Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
He guides me

provides me with all the love inside me- if He tests me, it's so that He can bless me.

so I'm giving Him the praise
and when I worship Him I keep my hands raised.
I'm obeying Him and giving Him a tenth of all of my cheddah
life is really great
but He's making it better
I'm ahead of the enemy
I keep him behind me
If I'm feelin pressure
the Lord reminds me
I'm above and not beneath
I'm the head and not the tail
The Holy Spirit whispers college
but Satan's screaming jail
all of his demons screaming bail
but I can see the nails
in His hands and His feet
I know I have to eat
but Cool Kids shall not live by
bread alone
but on every word of Him who is on the throne

The Father Song

Written By: Bomani

Starting verse:

Oh Lord How I love to praise your name,
My heart, hard and umbrella’d
Could never stop the rain
Of your love

I remember when it used to be flames
Showering down on my uncovered tank of propane
I should have been screaming in pain
Exploding in shame

My sins were out of control
Like a runaway train
No more games
Christ reigns
He removed all the stains

It was nails and a cross
And all the blood in your veins
And with nothing to gain
By writing my name
As I was going down in flames…He came
That’s why I’m shouting to him…

Father, it’s all about you
I know it’s written in your Word so it’s gotta be true
The world wants me to be first, even though they’re dying of thirst
I know they’re wrong so that’s why I sound the alarm shouting (repeat)

Verse II
Father, I commit this you
You must come first
In whatever I do
I can’t make this any plainer
It’s all about you
Wherever I go, I want you go too
Its True, and aint nothing been truer
Like You, I wanna be a doer
Sin’s Tattoo, is gone, I’m outta the Sewer
Brand new, here I stand talking to you
Alone with no crew – worshipping you
I’m hungry for your Word and I am ready to chew
Blessed and Highly favored by what you did
You saw me dying fast looked at me and said “LIVE”

Father, it’s all about you
I know it’s written in your Word so it’s gotta be true
The world wants me to be first, even though they’re dying of thirst
I know they’re so, that’s why I sound the alarm shouting (repeat)

Last verse:

Father, I can’t breath
Without You Lord Jesus
I can’t leave
My house in the morning
Or late at night

And You know
I’ll be calling
If Satan is right

In his acusations about my sins,
But then
I repent
You erase
I begin

And try to walk
In this path you laid
You’re a friend
To the end with the price you paid

I’m in and never leaving Lord,
I’m your slave!
You stopped Satan’s laughter
You kept me from disaster
You’re the ony one I’m after

Hook: Father,its all about You…

Father, it’s all about you
I know it’s written in your Word so it’s gotta be true
The world wants me to be first, even though they’re dying of thirst
I know they’re wrong so that’s why I sound the alarm shouting (repeat)

The J
The E
(Repeat multiple times)


Crazed Praise Radio
"Cool Kidz Anthem" put in daily rotation

Set List

I am flexible on the sets. A set can go from 30 minutes to 1 hour with some spoken word mixed in.

Set includes, but not limited to:

1. Arrival of the Fittest
2. Transform (featuring Thurston Daniel)
3. The Father Song
4. Cool Kidz Anthem
5. Sovereign (featuring Mr. Chris)
6. Walk This Way
7. The Jesus Chant