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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Salsa Band Bomba-Chante Headlines Día de los Muertos Family Festival"

His parents wanted Ernesto Molina to become a computer engineer, go off to college and get a degree in computer science, or if not, to at least embark on the more stable path as an electrician.

“But the pull of music was just too strong,” said 26-year old Molina, who is now the musical director and bass player for the salsa band Bomba-Chante. “I just couldn’t ignore it. It was like God telling me, ‘use your gift’.”

Bomba-Chante, an ensemble of 9 musicians, some of which have played with artists that include Stevie Wonder, Los Lonely Boys, Juan Gabriel, Francisco Aguabella and Los Van Van, came together three years ago. In that short time, the band has already made its presence known in the competitive Los Angeles music scene. Their music, described as explosive, uses high-energy rhythms and incorporates screaming horns.

More recently, the band has been in the recording studio producing a compilation of four original tracks co written by Molina and lead vocalist Gabriel Gonzalez, who together started the band in 2004.

“There are tons of salsa bands out there but very few write their own material,” said Gonzalez, who was a singer songwriter with the band Quetzal for over 11 years before joining Bomba-Chante. “We [Bomba-Chante] not only pay homage to the great artists of yesterday and today, but we also write our own material,” he said.

Earlier this year, after frequently playing all the great hits of artists like Ray Bareto, Willie Colon, hector Lavoe and Fruco, Molina came up with a tune of his own and wrote down some music. “Gabriel put some lyrics to it and brought it to life, and then we were like ‘wow’. We realized songwriting is our passion, truly,” Molina said. It was the first time for both of them writing a salsa song.

Bomba- Chante, they explained, has become an avenue for musicians who often play cover songs with other bands, to come together and be creative in producing their own material. “It was just the next natural step,” said Gonzalez, who wrote the lyrics for their first song “El Audaz”. This song, he said, tells a story of perseverance. “When life hands you a lemon, make some lemonade. It’s about rising from the ashes,” he said.

Under Molina’s musical direction, the band hopes to have recorded at least four original songs by next summer, and continue growing as an original salsa band. Molina fuels dreams of, one day, opening for someone “huge” like Ruben Blades, with one of their original songs.

Molina, the youngest of four children, grew up in East Los Angeles taking piano lessons at the urging of his father. When he was in Junior high his father bought him his first electric base. Then his older brother’s love for salsa music rubbed off.

“I just love the syncopation, the nature of the rhythms, when it’s not on beat but still on time. I love ‘el compass, el swing, tu sabes’,” he added finishing his thoughts in Spanish.

Both of Molina’s parents emigrated from Mexico, his mom from Sinaloa, and his dad from Guadalajara. “They would tell me, ‘go be an electrician or something, they wanted me to have a life of making money. They both came here when they were young and it was hard for them. They don’t want to see me struggle,” he said.

But even with all the risk and struggle that his career choice brings, Molina is determined to follow his dreams.

“Music has its ups and downs, there are no guaranteed paychecks, no healthcare benefits, you are on your own. It’s a hard life but nothing beats being on a stage and just playing and getting that energy from the people around you.”

Molina compares his pursuit of a musical career to being an astronaut brave enough to venture off to see the stars. “That’s when you go and say, ‘that’s what I want to be’ and you risk everything really. Astronauts go out into space, they don’t just study the stars like astronomers, who never venture out because it’s safer down here,” he said.

Bomba-Chante will perform at 5:30 p.m. Saturday November 3rd at the San Fernando Station.
- San Fernando Valley Sun


"El Audaz" - single - 2007
BombaChante - EP - 2006



Founded 7 years ago by bassist musical director Ernesto Molina and superstar singer Gabriel Gonzalez, BombaChante is a collective effort of some of the most talented and busiest group of musicians that LA has to offer. A show that features genres ranging from salsa dura, cumbia, merengue, and many more. No matter what age or background, BombaChante promises to be a good time for both dancers and music lovers alike.