A theatrical experience that rumbles while the sun abstains. A train, a pyramid, a kazoo, and you are involved. So are lamps. Smiling is well as crying and dancing...i think our perfect concert would have a Chinese buffet open to all attendees in the middle of the venue.


I just realized the other day our band has been either the victim or criminal in numerous felonies:

Misprision of Felony

Our guitar player was kidnapped and robbed while living in Bolivia - $100 and his pride were taken.

Our piano player burned down our practice house - literally - our equipment still smells like smoke.

Our bass player was intentionally hit by a truck. He is ok, but runs a little crooked.

Our drummer has kept himself out of felony territory .

The music reflects a fantastical, upbeat way that makes children and old ladies smile.


Bombadil - Self-titled EP (Ramseur Records)- May 2006

Featured on NPR and a smattering of music blogs--have been in rotation on 50+ college radio stations across the country (and one or two in Canada), currently streaming on Pandora and

Set List

Typical set is 48 minutes.
We can play for longer or shorter periods of time.
We usually don't do covers.

Julian of Norwich
Sinister Side
Robore (The Death Train)
My Rosetta Stone
Caterpillar Tree
3 Saddest Words
Jellybean Wine
Tall Grass
Har Hum (Cavaliers)
On the River
Suzy Marie
The Scarab Collector
Devil Tried To Make Me Mad - a gospel song