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Bombadil @ Great Blue Heron Music Festival

Sherman, New York, USA

Sherman, New York, USA

Bombadil @ Shiner Bock Twin City Ribfest

Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

Bombadil @ The Garage

Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


What do you get when you cross four fedora hats and suspenders with a multitude of music instruments and a lot of energy?


In addition to the standard guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, you may also hear bagpipes and bells, saxophone and zampoña, charango, trumpet, accordion, slide guitar, washboards, recorder, banjo, a suitcase and out-of-tune zither.

Onstage, Bombadil has developed its band badinage to a high art, trading instruments with abandon and tossing music phrases to each other with alacrity. Their show has more hand-offs than a Panthers game. The passing around of instruments, hats, and the limelight creates an atmosphere of camaraderie that's extended to the audience.

But Bombadil has the talent to back up the tricks. The high jinks embellish the experience, providing the icing on the already delicious cake, rather than camouflaging a lack of music substance, a tactic employed by lesser musicians. - The Salisbury Post

Bombadil is a North Carolina-based band that uses whimisical lyrics and upbeat melodies to create catchy folk-pop. - NPR

“How dare Bombadil take a page out of Shrek’s book, catering to children while appeasing adults?

We all know what the song “Jellybean Wine” is really about. The Durham, NC group sounds like a drunker, circus-reared version of the Band.

The xylophones, trombones and accordions are mighty fancy, and the three part harmonies put these guys over the top.”

- Magnet Magazine

“Mixing Sgt. Pepper's-era Beatles, Of Montreal, and a sprinkle of Able Tasmans,
this release offers plenty of pure, sweetened joy in quick sonic packages.”


“Exactly 76 seconds into "Jellybean Wine"--the opening cut on the self-titled debut EP from Durham's Bombadil -- surprisingly good gets intriguingly great.” - The Independent Weekly

Bombadil is not the kind of band that takes itself seriously. And neither does its fans. At one of the gigs earlier this month, the group performed to a crowd of intoxicated nurses who were giving each other IVs. - Go Triad


Bombadil - Self-titled EP (Ramseur Records)- May 2006

Featured on NPR and a smattering of music blogs--have been in rotation on 50+ college radio stations across the country (and one or two in Canada), currently streaming on Pandora and


Feeling a bit camera shy


I just realized the other day our band has been either the victim or criminal in numerous felonies:

Misprision of Felony

Our guitar player was kidnapped and robbed while living in Bolivia - $100 and his pride were taken.

Our piano player burned down our practice house - literally - our equipment still smells like smoke.

Our bass player was intentionally hit by a truck. He is ok, but runs a little crooked.

Our drummer has kept himself out of felony territory .

The music reflects a fantastical, upbeat way that makes children and old ladies smile.