Bombay Black

Bombay Black


Bombay Black is an aggressive sounding Modern Rock band wherein listeners will hear hints of Nickelback, Disturbed and Alice in Chains. Lyrics are heavyweight and full of personal emotional fare with a dark and witty tone.


BOMBAY BLACK was formed in the spring of 2003 when singer Erik Johnson and bassist Ty Sims began recording some of Erik's material. Guitarist Jim Perry and drummer Rob McCauley were recruited to round out the band about a year later and began their first tour opening for bands such as L.A. Guns, Firehouse, and Slaughter. They've since shared stages with Bret Michaels Band, Black Stone Cherry, Mudvayne, KORN, Black Label Society, Static X and more. A few months after they had been performing live, they were contacted by Kivel Records. "Mercy" was released in May of 2004 to excellent reviews from the melodic rock community as well as the media.

On "Mercy", BOMBAY BLACK plays a mix of modern hard rock mixed with the big vocal harmonies akin to bands like Def Leppard and Journey and blazing guitar leads reminiscent of players like Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell.

The subsequent release “Anger Management” (Kivel- 2006) continued in the Melodic Rock vein but with a hint of Modern Rock. The album began pulling a broader audience. This album attracted attention from an international audience and Bombay Black was invited to play festivals in Spain and the U.K. Reviews were very positive and a huge groundswell of support solidified the future of Bombay Black.

The last album release is "Psycho Magnet" (Kivel- 2008) by famed Producer Beau Hill known for his work with Alice Cooper, Winger, Warrant, Fiona, and Ratt. This album is hard hitting and reminds the listener of a blend of Alice in Chains and Nickelback. Psycho Magnet began the evolution toward a more Modern Rock fan base.

The new album to be released on Triage Records in April 2010 is a departure from their previous albums. Targeting the mainstram Modern Rock music market this album is hard hitting and impossible to get out of your head.

Live, BOMBAY BLACK is a relentless rock n roll machine, employing every form of stage production allowable by club owners and local fire codes.


"Mercy" 2005 Kivel Records
"Anger Management" 2006 Kivel Records
"Junk Food" 2006 Kivel Records
"Psycho Magnet" 2008 Kivel Records
"Love You to Death" 2010 Triage Music Firm

Set List

The set list will be comprised off of our albums and an occasional cover song.