BomberGirl is a hybrid of vocals, dance, theater, beats, 3D textures and lush orchestrations. Broad spectrum of influences including psychedelic, industrial, techno, ambient and classical with, "A solid foot in post-punk new-wave." Stage theatricals, sculpted performances from beginning to end.


"BomberGirl takes the listener on a journey that bodies a dreamy and exhilarating ride. She tells a story that is sans pretense and full of dimension - always surprising us be it with a corps of gorgeous back-up dancers, haunting warm mezzo-soprano melismas, or a scientific break-down of a sunrise. The mechanic in his suitcase full of luscious harmonies and danceable, never-obvious fancies - breaks the gold-standard in virtuostic violin playing through effects. BomberGirl is charming with out being precocious, intelligent with out being labored with a spontaneous polish. BomberGirl's broken doll like grace, with her singular mix of modern and classical dance skeleton, shows itself without being careful. This is a band that defies description. One must experience it to believe." - J. Corbin

"Space-age and electrifying." - G. Farro



Written By: Bombergirl

Ready for take off?
Close the hatch.
Secure all personal belongings.
Seats and tray tables in the upright position.

Carburetor heat..................Cold.
Mixture control levers..........Rich.
Autofeathering switch.........ON.
Anti-collision switch..............OFF.

Bombs secured?
Parking brakes.......Release.
Propeller................Maximum increase.
Ignition Switch......START.

Onward Up
Onward Far
Onto New Skies
Bada Bing
Bada Boom
Zoom Zoom Zoom

Sha na na na la nana
Sha na na na la nana

and here we go
let's not take it to slow.


The seat belt sign has been turned off
You are now free to take both feet off the ground
and place your head in the sky...

Waves of You

Written By: Bombergirl

My blood it mixes with you
Your breath holds me quick
I lift above the sea
A flying fish

Crystal defracts me into waves of you
Wet skin glistens with sweat
I want to drink you

We live at the coast
Where Venus was born
On the shores we can lay
Cover me with you

Fire sweeps across my body
In my hands an electronic field
Dancing lights seduce me to silence

The sky sweeps across the sun
We soon may be apart
But throughout all time
I'll always find you.

Seagirls with Seaweed Hair

Written By: Bombergirl

Let's go take a sail
White water winds prevail
Salt Sea and sun
With the wind we run

Let's go take a swim
Water cools skin
Twilight sets the sun
The ball has begun

Let's dive right in
Fill my head to the brim
Drinking the velvet sounds of space
Dancing there is no time just pace

Pulses beating close
Pulses beating close

Swallow blue and follow me


We strive to create an experience that has a life of its own and involves everyone and everything we hold dear to us.

We're self-producing our first recording so in lieu of a discography, here are our bios:

BomberGirl (Abbey Dehnert)
Before induced mutation and installation of her cybernetic implants, BomberGirl danced with Ballet Chicago for four years and modeled for Geoffrey Beene. She is a founding member of Misnomer Dance Theater in NYC and her theater credits include performing in Trinity Repertory's West Side Story. She has acted in several independent films including a principle role in "The Caveman" (New England Judges Choice Award 2002). BomberGirl has a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and has dance training from Mark Morris studios, Joffrey Summer Program, Ellis-DuBoulay studio and Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes, France. Her current vocal coaching is with Jordan Corbin-Wentworth and Constance Cooper.

The Mechanic (Ed Davis)
Prior to the UltiWar and severe mental mutation due to exposure to excessive radioactivity, The Mechanic began his career as a Musical Fellowship scholar studying violin and viola. Performing an eclectic range of styles from classical to jazz, rock to electronic music, he has played with such acts such as Jennifer BrunettiĀ’s Mercyside and toured with members of Modern English and Jesus Jones. The Mechanic has scored and collaborated in film and television projects, including works premiered at Cannes and Sundance, and aired on BBC Television. He has opened for Suzanne Vega and Sugar Ray at ABC's Good Morning America Studio. Other performances with Sky Cries Mary and at Jack Straw Studios in "Live Room" productions. The Mechanic has recorded under such labels as Mi5, Aeterna, SubPop, Sony and Warner.

Set List

We have two types of sets that we perform.

1. DJ style set (1-4 hrs original material)
This set involves live violin, vocals, and keyboard dependent upon how much space is available.

2. Cabaret Set (45-50 mins original material)
Science is Fun
Seagirls with Seaweed Hair
Bermuda Triangle
Broken Doll
Waves of You
Time is Nothing
Don't Stop

Both sets involve video imagery when a projector is available.