BomberGirl and the Mechanic

BomberGirl and the Mechanic

 New York City, New York, USA

BomberGirl is on the bleeding edge of large scale dance electronica performance. BomberGirl is an experience with live vocals, innovative dance routines, lavish, colorful costuming, stage theatrics and projected animations in sync with cinematic electro-pop dance electronica orchestrations.


BomberGirl and the Mechanic
Electronic Music, Vocals, Dance and Animation

About BomberGirl and the Mechanic

Bombergirl and the Mechanic launch shows which are like raves with fantastic (sometimes bizarre) live entertainment. Sonic mayhem mixed with four Fosse-styled back-up dancers strutting and sometimes jumping on trampolines makes for an unexpected show. Whether joined by a violin section or jugglers, always a live VJ fills the imagination with textured places and pretty spaces. BomberGirl and the Mechanic are sure to take the night into flight!

Be sure to check out our promotional video with footage from the TV show, "New Music Showcase".

BomberGirl and the Mechanic is the deep beat driven sounds of electronica mixed in luscious, expansive symphonic orchestrations–a fusion of organic and synthesized soundscapes melting away boundaries under the heat of BomberGirl's voice. BomberGirl is inspired and surprising, whether it be poetic vocals both sultry and powerful, lavishly choreographed dance to electro-pop or a neon world inhabited by Zeppelins floating on currents of voice. Cameos and unique couplings abound in a BomberGirl show: characters leap, slide and slip away into subterranean caverns, or emerge over an arboreal canopy gliding on mechanical wings. BomberGirl flights bring a colorful and eclectically costumed dance troupe and animated stories projected into spaces...The stage is set and the dancers poised...Swirls of sound and sight fill the stage with excitement as eye and ear candy flood in a variety of delicious flavors.

What is BomberGirl and the Mechanic?

Extraordinary Music
BomberGirl’s music is simply some of the most evocative electronica on the scene today. Beat oriented and rich with new ideas, the BomberGirl sound spans a large range of influences from electro-pop to techno, bringing together deep, driving electronica that is blended seamlessly with large-scale arrangements and organic sounds. BomberGirl strives to bring performances to the stage as rich and complex as Bjork, while electrifying our audiences with the intoxicating sounds of the dance club. BomberGirl’s vocals are sultry and powerful, both sculptural and poetic, she captivates and then compels audiences to the dance floor with a style all her own.

Choreographed Dance
BomberGirl’s dance troupe are the finest dancers on the modern stage. Stunningly beautiful and dressed in lavish costuming, they add brilliant, colorful motion to the show. Movement that is always entertaining and very unique in its conception, the BomberGirl dancers are the “icing on the cake”, making each show engaging and sexy, rave-like and absolute, debaucherous fun.

Stunning Animation
Tower Control’s animation and VJ performances are perfectly coupled and synchronized to the BomberGirl stage. Projecting into spaces and also many times using the dancers as a evolving canvas for light and color, his iridescent designs radiate over all and add yet another element of depth to the BomberGirl experience.

BomberGirl Pushes the Envelope of Possibility
Bringing together aspects of audio and visual technology, light, sound and movement, BomberGirl reaches into the the future of stage performance. From concept to the computer, from idea to visual and dance, to mixing all these aspects to form a rich, detailed and unified experience, BomberGirl pushes the envelope of of what is possible.


BomberGirl (Abbey) danced with Ballet Chicago and modeled for Geoffrey Beene. She is a founding member of Misnomer Dance Theater in NYC and her theater credits include Trinity Repertory's West Side Story. She has acted in several independent films including a principle role in "The Caveman" (New England Judges Choice Award 2002). BomberGirl has a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and has dance training from Mark Morris studios, Joffrey Summer Program, Ellis-DuBoulay studio and Rosella Hightower School of Dance. Her vocal coaching is with Jordan Corbin-Wentworth, Constance Cooper and Francis Minerick.

The Mechanic (Edward) began his career as a fellowship scholar studying violin and viola. Performing an eclectic range of styles from rock to electronic, he has played with such acts such as Mercyside and toured with Modern English and Jesus Jones. The Mechanic scored and collaborated in music, film and television projects, including works shown at Cannes, Sundance and on the BBC. He has opened for Suzanne Vega and Sugar Ray at ABC's Good Morning America Studio and played in Christina Aguilera's orchestra at the MTV Music Video Awards. The Mechanic has recorded on such labels as Mi5, Aeterna, SubPop, Sony and Warner.


Flamingo (2007)

Set List

For an extended show, we can divide our set into two parts with DJ style music before, in between and after. As one continuous set, our show can be approximately 45-55min long.

We Know
Anne Marie
Saltwater Eyes
Roller Round
Paper Cranes
Wonder Wheel