Hailed as an exciting part of the 'B-Town' explosion of bands by the likes of the NME and the Independent, Bombers fuse a frenetic live performance with their considered, energetic and catchy suite of tunes.
Bombers are poised to be the vanguard of the next wave of Birmingham's musical explosion



“The Birthday Party running riot in Joy Division and Swans’ back garden; at night, whilst it’s a bit chilly, and possibly on bonfire night”

“among the second wave of Birmingham’s most promising talent”

Matty Warke [Guitar] | David Owen [Drums] | Darren Mullen [Bass] | David Duell [Guitar/Vocals]

Having already been picked up by Artrocker Magazine last year, Bombers have built on the success of their ‘Film Fanatic’ EP and have since been highlighted by NME and The Independent as one of the great emerging B-Town bands coming out of Birmingham alongside others such as Swim Deep and Peace.

Coming on like a twisted Joy Division with contorted James Chance style hooks and a nod towards The Boys Next Door new single ‘Drawing’ b/w ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’ is less then 2 minutes of driving bass lines and stabbing guitar parts that jerk and writhe around as the vocals from David Duell proclaim “I can tell I’m going wrong” over and over with a sense unhinged pleasure. It’s a dark and manic bombardment of flailing riffs and swagger.

Dragging themselves around the country they have fast been building up a following with their frenetic wave of sound that bursts with energy and creeps relentless into the ears and feet of those watching sweeping them up in a wave of sweat soaked euphoria. Bombers are exactly what we need right now and it’s time for some twisted and psychotic doom-punk.

“Utterly triumphant”

"Often schizophrenic, darkly brilliant, and overall pretty frickin’ addictive...It’s as explosive and riotous as it is short, and while sometimes you just wish that there were more songs on the EP, it just wets your appetite for a future full-length LP. Do you hear that, Bombers? Get working on an album already. You tease."
Musical Mathematics

"demented and dislocated schizoid soul punk..."
Losing Today


Film Fanatic EP - Nov 2011 (Dead London Records)
Drawing / Buddy's in a Cult - Jan 2013 (Dead London Records)

All tracks on the Film Fanatic EP had airplay on Artrocker radio and scratch radio. Crush played multiple time on 6 music.

Drawing and Buddy's in a Cult is on current playlist of Scratch Radio.