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Bombing Neverland

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Punk


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"Bombing Neverland changes up its sound"

Burlington’s Bombing Neverland is transforming not only its music with new songs, but also in the local music community.

The band, which formed five years ago, consists of John Fielding as lead vocalist and guitarist, Mike Hanley as vocalist and bass guitarist, Brad Sumak as guitarist, and Rocky Barbiarz as drummer. Bombing Neverland last released Gone Belltower in 2008.

“We stopped playing for a while to work,” explained Fielding. “Now we’re playing locally again. We have new songs that everybody has started getting into and we’re gaining more of a fan base than before.”

Now the band’s sound has grown into rock and roll versus its previous hard rock style.

“We’re all older now so it’s hard to get away with doing heavier music with screaming when you don’t have anything to be mad about,” said Fielding, a new father. “It defeats the purpose when you’re not into the songs anymore; tastes change as you get older. Now the songs are not as heavy but straight-up, catchy rock and roll.”

The band decided to release its new music while in progress, posting the material from demo phase right up until it is finished online.

“As soon as it’s demoed we start posting it in a video blog,” noted Fielding. “We let people see how the song grows to the final product. People can see how the song changes. We’ve done this with five songs and slowly but surely we’ll keep doing it. We will eventually make a record but we’re now figuring out how to go about it.

“We’re doing it for fun and now we can do what we want rather than try to fit in. We want to try to start something new and bring something back.”

Fielding said he and local musician Ben Rispin were discussing how to bring back the local music community vibe they felt in years past when different bands were brought together by the shared love of music.

“Rispin and I had similar sentiments so we put our heads together on how to bring a communal feel back like when we were younger and it didn’t matter who was on the show. It only mattered that everyone was happy to be at a show and listen to live music.”

Bombing Neverland and Rispin’s Saint Alvia has started performing together locally.

As well as Bombing Neverland’s new material, Fielding has been producing other bands such as the Penske File and Brandon Pascoa.

“I do a lot of studio work,” said Fielding who started by co-owning a production company with Ryan Greene (NoFX) out of L.A. “It’s evolved into a career as more people from around here contact me.”

Watch for Bombing Neverland’s new material at - Burlington Post

"Sometimes Concerts Start after 11pm"

Dancing, Screaming, destructions and copious amounts of alcohol in and on the body. Followed by the destruction of dignity are all the completely unnecessary- however, incredibly necesary- element of a good frosh week. When you thinkof Bishop's, you think of couch fires, the disregard for rules, and laughing at your stupid friends and without a doubt, there is no better way tocapture those feelings than through head-banging punk rock music.

Capitalizing on and rounding out such a chaotic week was Burlington punk-rock band band Bombing neverland " who played a near two our set at the Lion pub last friday night. Bombing Neverland unofficially captured the soundtrack of uiversity choas. With songs such as " Gone Belltower", Christian Slater" or a personal favourite " i could only Hope grace", these rock stars left tons at the Lion kicking, screaming, slurring their words and jumping for more.
It comes as no suprise that all four members of the band play such in-your-face music. dressed like outlaws, destroying every memory created at the Lion, their pressence make their fans a brand new ambience, setting the memory of Bishop's fun even higher. Their music is a different kind of punk-rock that I haven't heard in a long time. It's not like your MTV poppy-punk, nor it's not like your underground as-fast-as-you-can-play punk. It's dark, it's loud and more importantly, it's an image of BU basics: in your-face destruction. Together the four, John Fielding, Mike O'b'rein, Chris reilly and Mike Hanley always inclde the audience into their show, and once they've got your attention, they kill whatever doubts you had on punk-rock music. It's fast enough for those who like it hard, it's dep enough for those who actually listen to the lyrics and for all those who have shied away from punk music, it's catchy enough to become addictive. Bringing their A-game on stagewith every performance, it's impossible not to get into the music.

If music ever fails, front-man John Fielding could easily have a career in stand-up comedy. The banter on stage between the four membersis almost as entertaining as the show itself. As a fan, I might not ever appreciate the meanings behind the lyrics, but in a closing testament to their explosive show, Bombing Neverland song " the Sober Sisters" captures Bishop's best with this lyric: " They only know the night time, wasting theirs days, sleeping away." So to all my fellow nocturnal weekend warriors, I hope to see you all out there wide eyed, tripping on a hole in a paper-heart, or simply tripping over good music. The four outlaws of Bombing Neverland have now a become a permenent image of Bishop's chaos, and their energy is sketched into the fans they entertained. Their music will vibrate between the walls of The Lion rebounding here and there echoing a memore of an amazing, explosive show that I hope can only one day be repeated. Come back to Bishop's Bombing Neverland. you bring the "Vegas" to our " Lennox" dropping your neverland bomb. You've sparked the inferno of good-times in our hearts, exploding in our hands, to our feet, and finally to our heads, to get up and rock out.
For all those who missed out on the amazing performance, you can check their music at:

By Daniela Szary

- The Campus- Bishop's university

"Hamilton Music Notes"

(as well as friends Bombing
Neverland who offer a special acoustic performance of their
normally bombastic music) and a different kind of holiday
“I don't like Valentine’s Day and there are many others out
there like me that could care less and would rather spend our
money on getting shitfaced the day after, rather than taking our
girlfriends out to dinner and a romantic evening,” explains the singer. “But that's just me I guess, such a hopeless romantic. We
can all drown our single sorrows together.
“The show on Friday will be chilled out and very fun,” “If you are down with acoustic acts, and acoustic music
this line up will definitely keep you entertained. It’s the day after
Valentines so if you’re not going out on Valentine’s Day, which is
a Thursday and you can’t really party anyway on Thursdays,
‘cause most people have to work on the next day, then it’s your
chance to party for Valentine’s Day on Friday – or party against it,
whatever floats your boat! Just come out!”
Bombing Neverland plays Casbah this Friday, February 15 with Aitch
and Gabriel opening. $5 gets you in -The View Magazine

The other article is a picture. i will send it to you e-mail with the album art - The View


Gone Belltower April 2008
Untitled New Album- June 2013



Hailing from Burlington Ontario, Bombing Neverland, are seasoned rock veterans. From touring North America countless times, to multiple runs on different festival circuits, Bombing Neverland have found their stride as an in your face power-pop rock and roll act. The band consists of John Fielding –Vocals, Guitar, Mike Hanley- Vocals, Bass, Brad Sumak – Guitar, Vocals and Ricky Babiraz – Drums, Bombing Neverland have truly found their sound. The band took 1 ½ hiatus to focus on other elements of their lives from studio work, concert promotion to becoming parents. After a break the band decided to play some shows to see how it felt. The shows were met with an overwhelming response and the band decided it was time to start killing stages once again. Bombing Neverland will be entering the studio to begin recording the follow up to the bands “ Gone Belltower” in late October and with a scheduled release date of June 2013 and a new label home. The music has taken a new direction for the band, while still focusing on the main fundamentals that made the band what they are. Look for new music by Bombing Neverland as well as tons of new shows.