Houston, Texas, USA

Houston's ultimate tropical dance party crew.



Houston DJs Gracie Chavez, Navó, OG Bobby Trill and producer Panchitron are spearheading a new digital Latin sound in Houston with Bombón, the ultimate tropical dance party every month. Each performance their selections are accented by percussionist/drummer Ilya Janos and mistress of ceremonies La Comadre Mel.

Established in 2010, Bombón continues to introduce booming tropical beats all the way from South and Central America to the Dirty Dirty and back. From cumbia, moombahton, tropical bass, guarachero, 3ball, baile funk, salsa, mambo to the latest in emerging Latin sounds, Bombón DJs make you want to put your zapatos on and dance at la pachanga ‘til they hurt!


Bombon Summer Mix Tape - Bombon DJs
Fuego! Fuego! (Tejas Wildfire Mezcla) - Gracie Chavez
Amor Eterno (MoombAmor Mix) - Gracie Chavez

Trust Issues (Bombon Remix) - Panchitron
Motivation (Bajo Guarachero Remix) - Panchitron
El Tembleque (Besta Remix) - Panchitron
Mamadas Ricas - OGT
Manos Arriba - OGT
Caga Palo (Bombon Remix) - OGT
I'll Be There (Por Vida Remix) - Gracie Chavez
El Dougie (DIRB!) - Squincy Jones & Gracie Chavez
Throw Dembow (Navo Remix) - Navo