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That was a great set at The Neutral. A band that embodies the high watermark of mid 90’s Britpop, bombastic guitar riffs and razor-sharp songwriting that’s drenched in testosterone, lager, and the spirit of The Gallagher Brothers. Out of the UK inspired bands in the city, Bombs captures that raw swagger and majestic menace of what that period was all about, and I feel, needs to be revived again. Big brash Brit Rock is here to stay. - Lonely Vegabon

Grizzly anglophile Mod-rock from Canada (NME)"
waggering, cocky, sardonic and narcissistic; the reason your parents
loved rock and roll. Bombs from Toronto, Canada have spurned the
sensitive guy, gutless approach to pop music by bringing back the that
heavy guitar driven sound; a kin to the 90`s British rock vibe. In
their short time, Bombs have already headlined the legendary Horseshoe
Tavern and are primed to do the same at Toronto`s Mod Club Theater on
April 18th.
Rock and Roll used to be about good times brashness and flipping the
obligatory finger at society. Bombs away ! Check them out for yourself
at "

NME March 2009 - NME

Victoria Bugdal

Bombs – Bombs Over Windsor EP

There are bombs falling over Windsor.

Relax, it’s not angry terrorists. Don’t bother ducking for cover under your desks or jumping into your bomb (hah!) shelters quite yet. These bombs aren’t the kind you should fear; in fact, these bombs are the kind you’ll really want to hear (I’m trying my hand at a little Dr. Seuss).

When was the last time you heard a really great guitar riff that absolutely made your brain explode? When was the last time you heard a voice just rough and raspy enough that it made your vocal chords explode in envy?

The aptly named band, Bombs, based out of Toronto, ON, recently released their first EP, Bombs Over Windsor; named after the city in which they recorded the album.

The 5 song EP feels like something that should have been imported from the United Kingdom. The band’s influences – listed as the Beatles, the Verve, the Kinks, Oasis and more, on their MySpace page – have clearly played a heavy hand in shaping the sound produced by these five gentlemen.

Notably, it’s lead singer, Tom Preisler’s vocals that really set the tone of the band. His raspy voice, reminiscent of Liam Gallagher, immediately gives the band an Oasis feel, and the accompanying music only cements the fact. All you need to do is listen to Empty Noise and you’ll hear it; you’ll be transported to some dingy club in London, England and wonder how in the world you got there. On the upside, you won’t really mind.

The band produces some really catchy riffs, and I don’t want to say I was surprised for I went into the experience with good expectations, but I was genuinely pleased and amazed at how well together this EP sounded. These boys know what they’re doing and they do it well; they’ve orchestrated their songs in a way that makes you remember them long after they’ve stopped playing. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re radio friendly – I could easily see the tunes off this album being played on alt-rock stations everywhere. Not an easy task.

Let’s put it this way, I was bombed, and I liked it – no alcohol or drugs required.
How many bands have that kind of effect on you?

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 Bombs - Victoria Bugdal - Pres. of CAA Waterloo Chapter


EP: Bombs Over Windsor, 2009



Through the 2000s, the Toronto music scene has accumulated a variety of accolades but has lacked a certain penache to the vibe: swagger. Formed in the summer of '08 by singer Tommy Preisler and guitarist Ryan Scott Yoker, Bombs' manifesto is to bring back that attitude, while remaining accessible.

Along the way, the band recruited bassist Adam James Osborne, drummer Phil Mailey and rhythm guitarist Dan Hollingsworth. The five have come together to create an eclectic, yet easily palatable, set of british-rock influenced tunes.

The sound relies on melody, sing-along-able vocals and a pounding rhythm section that makes one yearn for the days of Cigarettes and Alcohol. Though often compared to Oasis, whom Bombs certainly gives a nod to, the sound is much more entrenched in not only the 90s brit-pop scene but the early 90s rock acts of Canada, as well.

In less than a year, the band has played such venues as Zaphod's in Ottawa, The Opera House, The Horseshoe Tavern and the Drake Hotel. In a few short days, they are primed to play UK Underground night at The Mod Club. Much of this has come about because of their self-financed EP which recieved high praise from the NME.
Bombs is a band worth looking out for. Expert songwriting, excellent musicianship and, whats more, a bit of attitude in a scene otherwise lacking that grandeur and swagger of rock and roll... like it used to be.

Bombs Away