Bombs Away

Bombs Away


Bombs Away is a little bit of everything. They bring smooth harmonies and catchy lyrics that leave fans singing along. Their new inspiration has brought them a whole new sound. You never know what their new songs will bring.


Bombs Away can be traced all the way back to the beginnings of the now defunct band Burnout. It was this band that marked the foundation for what you see as Bombs Away. Mac Brown (Guitar, Vocals) and cousin Shawn Fagan (Bass, Vocals) fronted this former trio. Then in 2001, another guitarist was added. Dave Hepner (Guitar, Vocals) joined the band. Not too long after, their drummer parted ways with them. And so, their search for a new member brought them to Mark Hudson (Drums, Vocals). With two new members in the band, they decided to change their name to Bombs Away. The chemistry between the members shone through their music when they played. Together, they wrote catchy lyrics and music that brought fans and new listeners to their feet. Off stage, they were like four brothers playing in a band together.
Tuesday 4th October 2005. When the band received tragic news about their guitarist Mac Brown, they were shocked and stunned. Their brother and fellow bandmate had passed away suddenly at the young age of 19. This left the remaining members wondering, "What now?"
So in November 2005, after only a short time since the loss of Mac, they decided to move on. Auditioning only close friends, it was a tough decision to choose another guitarist. In the end, Jesse Patton-Dougherty was chosen as Bombs Away's new guitarist. "It's like Mac's still in the band," says Dave during a band meeting. "We just have a third guitarist."
Since then, the band has been practising and writing new material. Mac's passing has influenced the band, as can be heard on their new songs. They have decided to keep only a couple of their old songs, so when they come out don't be surprised if you realise it's them. They're coming out with a bang. The chemistry is there more than ever and the passion is so much more intense. As for when the new album comes out, it's best we keep you guessing. It'll be when you least expect it and when your fiending for Bombs Away is stronger than ever. Bombs Away is back. It's not over. You watch.


When We Were 17

Written By: Bombs Away

When we were 17
All we needed to be
Then we wake up

Hold on tightly to me
Hum the sweet melody
Of the days we were young

We understand you (watch and learn)
We understand you
So listen when we say

When we were 17
Best friends and we agreed
That we would never change
But time has taken a toll
And it's taken control
And we've run out of change

You're losing, it's showing
I see where this is going
'Cause I've been 17
You've lost it, that feeling
And now you're sick of hearing
Of when we were 17

Every time I look around
I can't remember why I'm proud
But I'm glad we've come this far
And I'm proud of what we are


Written By: Bombs Away

So why don't you find somebody new
I keep you hidden
but my head is spinning from you
Here I go I'm marching in a parade
Of beautiful colors and
I found my lover again

Roll out of bed and I feel you again
No sense in running and itll be fun till the end
I watch as I fall into my grave
I laugh and move on because its been so long since I cared

Someone should wake me and tell me it's all
Tell me it's all been for real
Someone should wake me and
tell me it's all been for real

And I will never, I will never die
I am invincible
but I still need you inside

Black or White Guts

Written By: Bombs Away

Oh can you feel it? Its burning inside you and falling you down.
the stinking aroma, the human condition, the sick and proud.
and I'm waiting for you in the light and I'm dying so you can survive.

Angles of darkness and angles of silence and angles of spite
call me a sinner and call me a liar but call me tonight

Waiting for you, Waiting for you to find me.
Waiting for you, Waiting for you to find me.

Come to me, I'll be your everything and I, I alone will give you rest
I am the way, I am the truth and I, I alone and the life
and you, you know I am

and I'm waiting for you in the light and I'm dying so you can survive.
Waiting for you, Waiting for you to find me.
Waiting for you, Waiting for you to find me.

The time has come tonight, the time has come tonight
(You couldn't find me)


"Ageing, Death, Recovery" (April 2004)
"Divided We Stand" (Upcoming Winter 2006)

"When We Were 17" played on 94.1 WYSP's Loud and Local

"When We Were 17" played on 93.7 WSTW's Hometown Heroes

"When We Were 17" played on University of Delaware WVUD

"Bitches On The Move" played on WMUC College Radio

Set List

Black or White Guts *NEW*
Blue Dress *NEW*
Parables of the Rich Fool *NEW*
All my life, All my tears *NEW*
Annie Oakley *NEW*
Number Three Part Two *NEW*
Alive Dying *NEW*
When We Were 17
These are the Tear between here and the Moon