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From a city known for it's cold weather, BONAFIDE is definitely heating things up in Hip Hop circles! This dynamic duo consists of 2 unique individuals who came together to grace the world of music with refreshing vibes. They have begun their long come along for the ride...


bo•na•fide – [boh-nah-fi-de]The state of being exactly as one claims or as appearance indicates things to be – in other words, REAL.

BONAFIDE, is hip hop duo based out of Winnipeg, MB (CANADA) The group consists of FINI and Fenom. Two unique individuals with one common goal…which is to grace the hip hop world with BONAFIDE lyrics, BONAFIDE beats, and BONAFIDE attitudes original to their entourage. Versatile vocals coupled with lyrical prowess will make this group a force to be reckoned with. Currently play listed on various campus and mainstream radio stations, the group plans to help solidify their city’s role in the hip-hop realm.

The group considers their musical influences, which include (but are not limited to): Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, The Fugees, B.I.G., Mary J Blige, and KRS-One to be one of the factors in creating a sound that is all their own. It has played a huge role in the success they have garnered so far, including being chosen to perform at the official 2005 JUNOFEST URBAN SHOWCASE, and the 2006 WCMA Urban Showcase!

Over the years, they have opened for various well-known artists such as:

K-Ci & Jojo
Mobb Deep
Joe Budden
Maestro Fresh Wes
Kardinal Offishall
Naughty By Nature
Royce Da 5’9”
In Essence
Boot Camp Clique
Ali Shaheed Muhammed

BONAFIDE has been very fortunate to be backed by a solid production team for their debut album,”Overdue” which is scheduled for late 2008 release. It is comprised of a variety of tempos/vibes, which will appeal to a vast audience while visiting hiphop, reggae, and r&b elements.

The future is very bright for this group. They have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into what they do and it shows! So keep your ears to da street…BONAFIDE is on their way!

Check them out at one of the following websites:

Professional Affiliates:

Urban Music Association of Canada
Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association


Rhonda Thompson
cell: 204-229-1167


Chilly City

Written By: BONAFIDE

Written and performed by BONAFIDE
(featuring FINI, Yung Hustle, and FENOM)

Man I’m so good, yo I’m so hood
You can catch me in the streets up to no good
I’m tryna make a bundle, and bumble like a bee
I know you feelin’ him, but your girl feelin’ me
I’m just a street ______, makin’ street music
For my dogs on the block I know you used to it
This is STAX ______, I do it for the hood
Ayo, Gunz Yung Hus, yo what’s really good
I see alotta cats frontin’ like they really gutter
I’m from the streets for real, ya’ll not really gutter
Get your mind right, get them rhymes tight
Stay on the grind take your time, make it sound right
We drop it hot like snoop and pharrell
Chilly City, Stax we do this ish so well.

(Adlibs during break)

Now it’s a fresh new year, I need some fresh new gears
A bag a cess and a few pairs, rather less hatin’ and a few tears
I’m from the heartland man, where they go to war with a few spears but show no fear.
Even in the face of nuclears, and ask, bravehearts for ya with slave marks on them.
Young Hustle that new kid ma, you need a, get used to
After a few beers at new years she said she ain’t wanna be here.
She was open I can tell so well cause she was soaking at the Tel
For real that’s how a ______ get down.
The streets is my home, you a refugee out here
This beats my own you usin’ Murphy lee’s out here?
Ayo, in the slums you can find tags on every bench and wall scumbags and a million comrades.
All share the same heart, now that’s war…

(Adlibs during break)

It’s where I’m at homie, it’s where I’m from and huh
So sorry but my raps ain’t talkin’ ‘bout da slums
Cuz luckily, dat was neva my reality and knock on wood, It’ll never, ever have to be
But I, can’t knock da hustle cuz I’m on a different grind
Pen be workin’ overtime, plotting, spittin’ out my life lines
This started out as a dream, and trust me
My love for the art, out weighs all the fame and the C.R.E.A.M.
I’m from a cold spot, only for the strong and eager
Winters give you cabin fever tell ‘em where I’m from (Chilly City)
And it feels (So Good) consider this my hood, my home
And when all else fails, this is my comfort zone
And be that as it may, if there ever comes a day, when my music takes me away
I know I’m reppin’ (Chilly City) and it feels (So Good)
Big ups to all da kats, slangin’ CDs from they packs, BONAFIDE game under raps!

(Adlibs to end)


Game Tight

Written By: Written and performed by BONAFIDE

1st verse
First up too bat, yo I believe dat’s me
I’mma knock it out da park, like this was MLB
Pound for pound y’all can’t measure this frame and if you listen real close you’ll hear dem callin my name (FENOM)
Worse then some but betta than most
Though I ain’t da braggin’ type
I’mma have to boast, but at least I’ll back it up wit ah 8 or 16 then my crew will follow up and that’s a wrap NAH MEAN..
I’m the next in the streets
I don’t need no deal
But I ain’t sleeping or resting in peace ‘til I eat your meal
Everybody’s saying (HE’S SO REAL)
Cause I can take it from the west to the east like Shaquille O’Neal
Keep spittin’ for another grip
Fiends itchin’ for another hit
So I feed them more gutter ----
To rock too and “aach too” and spit on tracks
I’m not you, I’m sick, got flu to sniff.

Chorus 2x

2nd verse
Ok let’s get it poppin’, keep it hot for the block
Too many brothers watchin’ my moves
And ridin’ my jock, I don’t give a damn man
Like cake I rise to the top
Bonafide, blacksteel, I’mma rep it to death
All about stackin’ my papes and my publishin’ checks
I don’t care who got now ‘cuz I know we got next
Go head make your songs while we make these ends
Go head play ur songs while we get these spins
I’m just a brother makin moves
Tryin to smash the game, whatever comes first, yo da cash or fame
A lot of rappers talk about it but they styles is lame
Every song every topic yo it’s all the same
Come on dudes I know you’re straight from the ‘burbs
Now you all hardcore cause you totin’ some herb
Brotha please you spittin’ ---- I already heard
You don’t have my peripheral your vision is blurred…


We got our game on we gon’ bang on blaze on, everybody tryna’ hate on us, better HUSH,
we tryna’ get our papes on, real playas get your play on…
(repeat 2x)

3RD verse
My game is on, currency certainly where my aim is on
If you heard of me then you heard of my songs
And who I’m reppin’ for B-O-N-A-FIDE
If you don’t know who we are then your brain’s over-fried
Cause our whole ---- buzzin like a bee-hive
We grown up kids, this ain’t no B-5
Tryna take big steps like SHAQ’S feet size
Paid our dues, now it’s your time…


© 2005 The Bonafide Collective


Look out for solo releases from FENOM coming soon!

Radio/Online Promo Singles:

Bonafide Feelin'
Chilly City
Love (Remix)
Game Tight
Baby Girl
My Heart
Lover's Paradise (collaboration with Mello Man)
Give A Little (track by Fascade137db feat. Fenom)
Shake The Dust (track by Ade feat. Fenom)

"Welcome To The Jungle" mix CD released Spring '05 featuring original cuts from the BONAFIDE crew.

Set List

Our typical set consists of 5-10 songs, plus intro.

Depending on the audience/venue, we tailor each show to suit the vibe of the event.

Our artists also perform as solo artists if required.

We include remixes(original lyrics over cover beats) and accapella snippets/interludes

Show duration: As required (3 mins. - 1 hour per set)

We have a variety of tracks, so we are able to tailor our show to suit the target demographic.

We also have access to club DJs, dancers, and/or live instrumentation (negotiable)