Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Electro Rave group from Tel Aviv, Israel.


Bonafide3000 is a refreshing Electro band from Tel Aviv, a successful musical melting pot of rock, grange, techno, dance and house.
Responsible for these original creations and extraordinary mash ups of modern classics are four feverish minds: Ido Fridman, (Vocals & Ableton Craziness), Ben Krispin (Guitar & Synth Guitar), Noam Levinberg (Sound), Johnny Kay (Drums & Samples).
These four youngsters take elements from different genres and combine them into one big exciting track that is performed live.

Over the past two years the group established itself Tel Aviv’s talk of the town and has been courted by managers and industrialists from Europe and the US, having already packed venues in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel and Russia…all before having an official release (slated for 2014).
The exciting music, the endless energy on stage, the live show which makes every performance different, the avant-garde sound and the extraordinary originality all make Bonafide3000 a band you will want to say you “liked them before everyone else”.

“Impressive, pounds your ears, enters your blood, mind and soul. It’s undeniable”
- “City Mouse Magazine” (Israel)

“Everything you hear is produced live, simultaneously encapsulating the audience in a hypnotic trance of elation”
- “Gazeta Wyborcza” (Poland)

“They brought the roof down… Fabulous!”
- “Agnese Matisone” (Latvia)