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Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE
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The best kept secret in music


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"Bonafide" 2007 (BlackLodge/Plastic Head))
"Somethings dripping" 2009 (BlackLodge/Plastic Head)


Feeling a bit camera shy


BONAFIDE was formed by singer/guitarist (and awesome drummer for Jason & The Scorchers) Pontus Snibb and rock solid bassplayer Michael Nilsson in Malmö, southern Sweden, in 2006. Pontus, who had already made quite a name for himself playing with countless well known artists on the Scandinavian blues and rock scene, wanted to broaden his musical horizon by turning the volume to 11 and play hard rock the way it..s supposed to be played - True to it´s roots in the electric blues and early R´n´B. Enter Mikael Fässberg, guitarist (Paul DiAnno, ex Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton etc etc) and Sticky Bomb, drummer with an attitude, and the quartet was complete.

October 2007 BONAFIDE released their cult classic debut, simply titled "Bonafide". And immediately they became quite busy playing the Scandinavian club and festival circuit, and supporting bands such as Mustasch, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Y&T, LA Guns, The Quireboys and countless of others in arenas and theaters.

In January 2009 BONAFIDE locked themselves into Musicamatic studios (Soundtrack of our Lives, DAD) in Gothenburg, Sweden with acclaimed producer / Sator guitarist Chips Kiesbye (The Hellacopters, The Nomads, Millencollin, Dozer) and began to record their second full length album, titled "Something´s dripping", released world wide through Black Lodge Records. When released it was BONAFIDE´s first properly distributed release outside of Scandinavia. The album raced to No 16 in the National Swedish Album chart, beating both Megadeth and Ace Frehley with whom they shared release date!

As always BONAFIDE delivers blues and R´n´B based full throttle rock´n´roll, No holds barred. Chips Kiesbye has added his brilliant production skills to the formula, and you seldom hear guitars this beefy or vocals with this much pure attitude and bravado. Main songwriter and front man extraordinarie, Pontus Snibb shares writing credits with fellow guitarist Mikael Fässberg on two of the album´s 11 tracks. This, plus the fact that the whole group nowdays contributes to the creative process, has added a new dimension and a slightly different angle to BONAFIDE´s simplistic, yet innovative and fresh take on classic hard rock. Mia Coldheart of Swedish metal queen´s Crucified Barbara also appear on the album, in the duet "Straight Shooters".

In November 2009 BONAFIDE embarked on a six week, nine country, 35 + shows long tour of Europe in support of the new album, that saw the band play clubs and theater style venues to great response. Plans for 2010 include an autumn European tour (Spain was revisited in March 2010 due to audience demand and massive radio and media promotion), as well as releasing a second single from "Somethings Dripping". Prior to the Spanish shows it was clear that Sticky had other priorities, and BONAFIDE and Sticky went their separate ways. Enter Niklas Matsson, hard hitting drummer with Stockholm´s Backdraft and American act Raging Slab, and the quartet is once again complete and hungrier than ever!

Some words from the critics:

"If the opening track “Dirt Bound” doesn’t knock you down on the first play, the following cut, “Hard Livin’ Man” will certainly deliver that one-two punch...This is the type of music that will make you want to crack open a cold one, and enjoy your weekend! Recommended!"
Hard Rock Hideout - Austin, Texas (US)

"Something's Dripping sounds huge and deserves to be huge. If AC/DC is sounding a bit stale to you these days then Bonafide is the perfect remedy. This is pure 100% crotch driven hard rock, and a must have for anyone that enjoys simplistic perfection. The definition of bona fide is authentic and genuine, judging by this release these guys couldn't have come up with a better name! "
Sleazeroxx, Manitoba (CA)

"Look, do yourself a favour right now; crack open a cold beer, plug in the air guitar and rock out with 'Dog', 'Straight Shooters' and the gung ho chorus of 'Hard Livin Man' like your life depended on it! To wrap this review up, it would be easy to do the clichéd routine and make a play on of the band's moniker but I'm not that predictable...oh fuck it, yes I am... 'Something's Dripping' is a Bonafide fist pumping, ass kicking, jaw-dropping monster of an album and, in the words of the band themselves, crank up the stereo and 'Fill Your Head With Rock'.....NOW !!!!!"
Uberrock, London (UK)

"Sweet production helps this album shine, a bright light in a shitty rock n’ roll tunnel. Think AC/CD and the Cult, and I think you’re about right. They have wicked hooks, strong riffs, and a singer who has the attitude to match. The opening track, “Dirt Bound”, sets up the album as a trucker’s anthem disc, something to hit the highway to. Just try to stay the speed limit, I dare you. “Hard Livin’ Man” follows, and keeps it going and going, but what classic rock (sounding) album is complete without a slower song roughly in the middle? “Elvis Chapel Blues” fills this requisite, but it’s not even all that slow.