Bonaventure is a Rock Alternative sound you cannot compare. Bonaventure ownes it s own style. Inspired by Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Cold Play, SwitchFoot and a lot more... Bonaventure is a catchy melody that wont let you go until you here an other one..


BonaVenture is official for now a little more than 2 years. Born in the cold and risky musical weather of Quebec in Canada, BonaVenture cares in nothing else than being herd. Knowing that most bottles thrown in the ocean finishes in someone's hand they risk and hope there heart and soul will be heard. As kid their love for music started to burn and gave a joyful sound to the instruments they new was their passion. Jim and Nate were living in the norther part of Quebec in Indian Reservations, and in an old basement started composing with jon, nate's older brother. When time brought them apart they still practiced on the phone, and phone bills just kept rising between Ontario and Chibougameau. Experimenting love, tears, God and trying to understand there ambitions they kept the focus... than in 2000 Mat Jim and Nat started Bonaventure with Jon. Working on the songs and building a fan base the band kept growing and became
more and more famous... they traveled across Quebec and Ontario bringing to the show the emotions and the energy they tried to share for so long. In that run... Jon decided to leave the band and concentrate more on his familly. In 2007, Jean-Micael and the 3 members met and realized that he was that TNT sick that gives the show the vibe it needed. 2007 has been a great year for the band, they had the chance to give more time to studio recording and are just about to release a new CD. Including songs as Life carries on, Let me Go, Emancipate, Restless, Tiny Fraction, Set you apart and many more. This CD has been recorded to be played in radios and wants to give every listener the chance to travel through there universe.... 2007 also gave them more visibility, they played for Ontario Youth Conferance, And Montreal Youth Conferance CJYC. They had an intervew in one of Quebec's most popular magazine (Dernier Heure). They will be also playing in the opening of Ontario BurnFest in Agust 2008. Big Stuff Coming up. Bonaventure lives something true with God and hope every one who heres there songs finds what it s all about. Knowing that the only reason why humanity is on earth is to be in harmony with the Father.

You can join Mat on
819 701 1625
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In 2007 Bonaventure realised an EP named Lost in a Crowd. That EP showed BonaVenture's colors and sound. Inspired by their love for catchy melodies and the energy they share in live shows , they have put together 6 songs they composed. Bonaventure does not compose songs to put on a CD but put on CD songs they composes and lived in they every day life stories.

Lost in a crowd EP

Please Come Back
Wake Up
Lost in a Crowd
Something Beautiful

Set List

We usually adapt our set list depending on where we play