Bond & Bentley

Bond & Bentley

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Bond and Bentley is a 5 piece Baltimore based band, specializing in high energy party rock and roll! With an amazing live show and top notch songwriting, Bond and Bentley it quickly spreading their brand of rock through out the country! A blend of rock, blues and funk sure to entertain any crowd!


Bond and Bentley is a Baltimore based 5 piece rock/blues/funk band that has been touring the East Coast for more than 5 years. The band found its beginnings in 2007 and have since been putting forth their own brand of party rock. Having extensively toured the East Coast for the last 5 years, Bond and Bentley has had crowds dancing and grooving from Buffalo to Miami!

The band is now onto their third studio album entitled "Hold Steady." This album will be released July 13th and has already received rave reviews from producers and radio DJ's alike. A national tour based off this albums release is planned for Fall of 2012.

Bond and Bentley is managed and booked by One Koast Entertainment.


"Hold Steady" - LP 2012
"Airwaves" - Live LP 2011
"Take 2" - LP 2009
"Dreams Don't Pay The Rent" - LP 2007