Contemporary Christian with some Christian rock and Praise and Worship thrown in.


We began as a youth group Christian rock band that performed on youth nights for our student ministry. We play Christian rock as well as praise and worship music. Our students are very creative and talented and began to write and record their own songs. We have continued to grow and are now the praise and worship band for our church's second service. Our name, Bondservant, is found in the NKJV in chapter one of the book of James. We consider ourselves Bondservants of Christ and the name reminds us that we perform, not for personal glory, but for God's glory.



Written By: Beth and Sarah Jacoby

Changing color, changing face the world is drowning in a flood of grace.
A little country, a little town, brings every wise man tumbling down by a crown made of a servant's heart and thorns.
And everything's changed, nothings the same, 'cause I am saved in a world that's dying. Nobody sees, but everyone dreams that they are free in a world that's crying.
He's just a man who talks in riddles that I don't understand. And I watch him from a crowd wishin' I could take his hand, and reach beyond my own existence. In the distance I see someone that's alive, he holds my eyes, to my surprise he says I can show you life.
He's just a man who laughs like no one I have ever known who sees the stars and looks afar at somewhere I have never gone to reach beyond where I can see, what I could be, if I would only step in faith , take a chance and touch his face . He says I can give you grace.
Changing color like winter in spring. I close my eyes and breathe your everything and the moon seems to smile as she watches earth become once more new all for you we're changing in beatiful!


Written By: Aaron Small

Gethsemane, olive branches bloom, while inside of me, there's a war for you. The only way, to win this fight means death, on my knees I pray, is this all that's left?
I'm sweating blood, come take this cup, when your will oh God means the death of your son. My friends are asleep in my hour of need, but I'll die for them so they'll live for me.


We have recorded a twelve-song CD entitled "Bondervant- Sounds From the Blue Room" Our youth room was painted blue and that's where we started our band.

Set List

Life Is Good- Stellar Kart
More Love, More Power- Jeff Deyo
Undignified- David Crowder Band
Anticonformity- Krystal Meyers
Love Like You Love- Jami Smith
I Am Free- Desperation Band
He Reigns- Newsboys
No One Like You- David Crowder Band
Our songs- Changed, Hopeless Nation, Hannah's Song, Gethsemane, Goodbye