San Diego, California, USA

Alternative/ Indie/ Rock


Originally from Southern California, 26 year old singer/songwriter, Rob Bondurant is a born performer. A self-taught musician, Bondurant, gained local notoriety in San Diego playing the open mic scene and entertaining locals at restaurants, bars, and private events. He soon became one of San Diego's most sought after performers, eventually becoming his main source of financial support. After finding success in this environment, he set out to record his latest album, Hurricane, at the world famous Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN. Accompanied by producer, Daniel Crawford (Blackout Party) and engineer, Ben Moore (Switchfoot, Pinback), as well as a couple hand-picked seasoned local musicians, Hurricane is a true testament to Bondurantâ₏™s ability to write for a full band effort and break out of the acoustic singer/songwriter genre.

Bondurant is an ever-growing and ever-changing musician. In his new album, Hurricane, slated to debut in 2014, Bondurant expertly blends blues, folk, and soul all into one wholly original album. Bondurant perpetually works towards making authentic music for which no set genre can be defined. Raw, original, and narrative in nature, Bondurant's music sheds light on the angst, confusion, and elation that comes with the universal experiences that makes up the human condition. Sometimes an introvert and always an observer, Bondurant's musical lens never fails to inspire, move, and simply make you stop and listen. 


Debut Acoustic EP "Still Standing"
Debut Album "Through My Hands"

Set List

Here is a list of the material I generally play at gigs. This list has the majority of songs, however, the list is always growing and expanding so there may be a bunch that aren't listed.

(Dave Matthews)
So Damn Lucky
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Crash Into Me
Christmas Song
Don’t Drink the Water
Where Are You Going
Long Black Veil

(John Mayer)
The Hurt
Why Georgia
No Such Thing
Love Soon
My Stupid Mouth
I Don’t Trust Myself
Stop This Train
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Perfectly Lonely
Waiting on the World
Come Back to Bed
Who Says
Man on the Side
Free Fallin
City Love
Good Love is on the Way
Another Kind of Green
Your Body is a Wonderland
Dreaming With a Broken Heart

(Jack Johnson)
Bubble Toes
Banana Pancakes
Sitting Waiting Wishing
Cookie Jar
Better Together

(Jason Mraz)
Im Yours
I’ll Do Anything
Ben Harper
Steal My Kisses
Burn One Down